State Rep. Randy Fine on Facebook: I’ve been sent to hospital as a precaution

by | Aug 3, 2020

State Representative Randy Fine, a Palm Bay Republican and one of the most vocal state leaders about the importance of taking precautions for coronavirus, has been admitted to the hospital, according to his latest Facebook post.

“Doctor said I have some pretty serious damage in my lungs and is ordering me admitted to the hospital,” Fine said in the post. “They also did a blood oxygen test that showed a much lower level that what shows up on the pulse oxymeter.”

Fine, he has two young boys at home, said in the post, which is available here, that he is “pretty scared” but also recognizes that his admittance to the hospital is precautionary and that “my odds are pretty good.”

“But then again, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be getting admitted to the hospital after 12 days of this,” Fine posted.

On April 22nd, Fine appeared as a guest on The Capitolist Live,  a Facebook Live broadcast, in which he was stressed the importance and reason for maintaining social distancing precautions.

“The entire purpose of all of this social distancing is not to keep people from getting sick, it’s to keep people from getting sick at a rate that our health care system couldn’t handle it,” Find said on the show.  “There is clearly a middle ground between what we’re doing now versus what we were doing six weeks ago.”

As of late Sunday, Florida’s second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic appeared to have peaked, with new cases down to 7,104 versus the previous Sunday’s case count of 9,344, a decline of 24 percent week over week. State hospitalizations and deaths were also down significantly from the previous weekend, while available hospital and ICU beds are increasing.

While the statewide picture is starting to improve, there are still 7,948 individuals in Florida hospitals, including State Representative Randy Fine, each of them fighting very personal battles with the illness.


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