State Representative eyes county commissioner term limits

by | Aug 25, 2023

  • Rep. Michelle Salzman has proposed a constitutional amendment in Florida to impose term limitations on county commissioners statewide.
  • The proposed legislation suggests an eight-year cap (equivalent to two four-year terms) on commissioners’ service and will be discussed in the upcoming Legislative Session starting on January 9.
  • If approved by the state legislature and by a 60 percent majority vote in November’s ballots, the amendment will restrict commissioners from appearing on the ballot for reelection if they have already served eight consecutive years by November 5, 2024, and will apply to terms beginning after that date.

Rep. Michelle Salzman proposed a constitutional amendment on Thursday that, if adopted, would place term limitations on county commissioners statewide.

The legislation, which calls for an eight-year cap in service, which equates to two four-year terms, will be considered during the upcoming Legislative Session scheduled to begin on January 9. If approved by the state legislature and placed on ballots next November, it would necessitate 60 percent approval to be ratified and enforced.

“A person may not appear on the ballot for reelection to a board of county commissioners if, by the end of his or her current term of office, the person will have served, or but for resignation would have served, in that office for 8 consecutive years,” reads the bill.

Per the bill’s language, the term limits would apply only to terms of office that begin on or after November 5, 2024. This means that if a county commissioner has already served for 8 consecutive years by that date, they cannot seek re-election to the same office, but those who start their term of office after that date will also be subject to the same 8-year term limit.

“This article imposing limits on the terms of office for county commissioners shall take effect upon approval by the electors, but service in a term of office that commenced before November 5, 2024, may not be counted toward the limitation,” the measure states.

County commissioners in Florida are elected officials entrusted with the governance of their respective counties. Serving as the local legislative body, they formulate policies, allocate resources, and oversee municipal services. Commissioners are elected through general elections.


  1. Terry

    The legislature continues to meddle in local government. In rural counties we have a difficult time to involve citizens run for office. I think the legislature should spend more of their efforts in developing policies in the area of homeowner insurance and water quality.

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