Tea Party Patriots set to unleash 97,000 activists for Trump in Florida

by | Sep 22, 2016

A SuperPAC associated with Tea Party Patriots, the largest Tea Party organization in the country, announced it’s support for Donald Trump for President, and is promising to unleash more than a quarter million activists in four states to help push him over the finish line in November.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund released a statement by Chairman Jenny Beth Martin that it is endorsing Donald Trump for President. The statement says Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund intends to work with its supporters in four key states to get out the vote for Donald Trump and Republican Senate Candidates as part of the March to Victory program: Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. TPPCF has over 57,000 supporters in Pennsylvania, over 48,000 supporters in Ohio, more than 37,000 supporters in North Carolina and over 97,000 supporters in Florida.

“On the question of whether to support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has made its choice.

Here’s the rest of the release:

“Hillary Clinton stands opposed to everything the Tea Party stands for, on the policy, political, and personal fronts. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has pledged to fight to uphold our core values. In making a choice between the two of them, there is really no choice at all – we choose Trump.


“On the policy front, Hillary Clinton believes more government is the answer to every public policy problem. She takes the same dim view of the Constitution’s limits on government (and, specifically, the executive) taken by the current president. She supports President Obama’s disastrous nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran, wants to double down on his unconstitutional executive amnesty – including full citizenship for illegal immigrants – and wants to increase President Obama’s limit for accepting Syrian refugees by more than 500 percent. And while we don’t know who would be the liberal extremists she would try to jam through a Democrat-controlled Senate to put on the federal bench, including the Supreme Court, we know they would be extreme and out of touch with constitutionally limited government.


“On the political front, she cynically runs under a campaign slogan of ‘Stronger Together,’ when, in fact, the policies she supports would result in more division, not less. She used her influence over her party’s national organization to unfairly advantage her candidacy in her pursuit of her party’s presidential nomination. She has publicly referred to Republicans as her ‘enemies.’


“On the personal front, she is the least honest and trustworthy candidate for president nominated by her party since the advent of public opinion polling. She is, in the unforgettable words of a former White House senior advisor, a “congenital liar,” as prone to lie about little things as about big things and about things that just don’t matter. In attempting to hide from the public her comingling of official State Department business with Clinton Foundation and other personal business, she chose to put America’s national security at risk by employing an illegal, unsecured private server to host her official emails, many of which contained classified information, and then lied repeatedly about it, and is still lying about it.


“Simply put, America cannot afford a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“Our unique endorsement process kicked off in January of this year and consisted of multiple rounds of voting, in which our members and supporters cast more than 100,000 ballots. Throughout the presidential nominating process, our members and supporters – more than three million strong – have consistently told us that they do not want Hillary Clinton to be president, and that they want someone in the White House who will champion our issues and defend our core principles. The issues of highest priority to our supporters include the future of the Supreme Court, securing the border, fighting terrorism, repealing Obamacare, fundamental tax reform, and the exploding federal debt.


“Now that the GOP nomination process has concluded, and Trump has won the party’s nomination for president, we have surveyed our members and supporters again, and it is clear that as they look to the November general election, Donald Trump is their choice.


“This should not be surprising. Donald Trump is not a career politician, and – especially given the mess made by career politicians in Washington, DC – our members and supporters view that as a unique strength of his candidacy. He speaks boldly about core issues, and his call to ‘Make America Great Again’ reflects an unspoken desire in their hearts. His leadership in declaring himself four-square behind securing our southern border by building a wall, and actually using the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ to describe our enemies, and standing up and fighting for the men and women of America’s overstressed and overtaxed middle class, all combine to create a compelling argument for his candidacy, and his presidency.


“The simple fact is this: With a Republican House and a Republican Senate and Donald Trump in the White House, Tea Party members and supporters will be far more likely to see our preferred policy choices enacted into law: We are far likelier to see the future of the Supreme Court protected, the borders secured, terrorism fought effectively, ObamaCare repealed, the national debt reduced, and the tax code reformed in such a way that the economy is energized and job growth soars.


“Consequently, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund endorses Donald Trump for President.


“An endorsement, by itself, is not enough. We are not sitting idly by while our nation’s future is at stake. We are taking action. We have launched our March to Victory to mobilize our grassroots and get out the vote in key states, with the goal of helping to defeat Hillary Clinton and maintain control of the Senate.”



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