Ted Yoho: Rumors of my retirement from Congress are premature

by | Nov 1, 2019

In response to a story published by The Capitolist’s Sarah Rumpf yesterday, Republican Congressman Ted Yoho told The Capitolist on Thursday that, contrary to the previously published report, he’s not yet made any decision on his future plans. Rumpf’s story was based on a number of factors, including the observation that Yoho appeared to have deleted his campaign Twitter account.

But Twitter has since reinstated the account.

“It was recently mis-reported that the Ted Yoho for Congress campaign had deleted our Twitter account, potentially signaling a decision from Congressman Yoho of whether or not to run in the 2020 election,” said Yoho spokeswoman Kat Cammack. “To set the record straight, Twitter initially suspended the account for a post they claimed “violated community standards” on Tuesday of this week. That post was a tribute to a friend who passed away this week and the original can be found on our campaign Facebook page. There was no intentional effort on our behalf to deactivate or delete the account as the Congressman is still filed to run for the 2020 election.”

While Cammack acknowledged that Yoho campaigned on a promise to serve only four terms in Congress, she pointed out that Yoho is getting considerable pressure from high ranking Republicans to return to Washington for a fifth term, due in large part to Democrats’ ongoing efforts to remove Donald Trump through impeachment, combined with the overwhelming number of Republicans who have already announced plans to resign from Congress. Out of respect for those leaders, Yoho’s team says he’s approaching the decision with great care.

Early Thursday afternoon, Yoho voted against an impeachment rules resolution offered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and his office released a statement trashing the move as blatantly partisan by House Democrats:

“For thirty-eight days Democrats have pushed ahead with an unauthorized impeachment probe behind closed doors. White House counsel has never been part of the process, Republicans are not allowed to call witnesses, and there is a gag order on all depositions- but Democrats leak facts to the press. That is not a fair process. There has been no transparency or official authorization to conduct these inquiries; which ignores decades of impeachment precedent.

“However, today, Speaker Pelosi decided to cover her bases and offer a resolution that lays out guidelines and make the process more transparent. It seems that Speaker Pelosi has forgotten the previous bipartisan precedent established with Presidents Nixon and Clinton. You can’t conduct an impeachment inquiry for over a month and then decide to layout guidelines after the fact.”

“The power to impeach a sitting president is great and one that should not be used lightly. We are witnessing an abuse of power, the willful disregard of precedent, and the American people deserve better.”

Yoho’s office said he plans to carefully consider options over the coming weeks before making a decision on whether to resign or return to Congress.



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