Ted Yoho to headline fundraiser for Ryan Chamberlin’s HD 24 bid

by | Jan 13, 2023

  • Former Rep. Ted Yoho is throwing his support behind Ryan Chamberlin’s bid for HD 24
  • The Ocala businessman and a past candidate for Congress launched his campaign for HD 24 in December
  • Five Republicans are campaigning for the seat

Former U.S. Representative Ted Yoho is headlining a fundraising event for Republican Ryan Chamberlin’s campaign for the upcoming special election in House District 24

Yoho, a former U.S. Representative for Florida’s Third Congressional District, is throwing his support behind Chamberlin on Tuesday, January 24, at the Country Club of Ocala.

“One of the things that has frustrated me the most about the Washington establishment over the last two decades is that it seems to be made up of Republican after Republican who said one thing on the campaign trail and then did something different once they were elected,” Chamberlin said. “One person that never broke his word and remained true to his conservative principles was former Congressman Ted Yoho. He campaigned on fighting the establishment, he fought for term limits for members of Congress, and he limited himself to 8 years of service as an example to others.

“That is why I am so pleased to tell you that Congressman Ted Yoho will be supporting our campaign with a special appearance at a fundraiser on January 24th. Just like Congressman Yoho, I am already fighting an establishment that does not want a conservative like me serving in the legislature.”

Chamberlin, a former Republican congressional candidate, officially announced his candidacy in December to replace former Rep. Joe Harding.

Harding resigned from the Florida Legislature last month, 24 hours after he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to a six-count indictment against him. He captured media attention earlier this year after he sponsored the controversial Parental Rights in Education legislation that limits education curriculum and dialogue.

Chamberlin, a consultant, writer, and public speaker, is one of five Republicans running for HD 24. Other candidates vying for the open seat include Justin Albright, Jose Juarez, Stephen Pyles and Charlie Stone.

The primary special election will take place on March 7.


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