The Capitolist app breaks 1,000 downloads barrier

by | Jul 5, 2016

Capitolist Download Map

The Capitolist’s user base spans the entire state after just five days.

Late in the evening on July 4th, the Capitolist app broke through the 1k barrier and settled on 1,005 total downloads since launching just five days ago.

“We couldn’t be happier with the rapid adoption of the app,” said Brian Burgess, the Capitolist’s publisher. “This is just the beginning. We’re working on some new features that I can’t wait to roll out.”

The goal of the app is to provide a free, one-stop information and reference solution for everyone who has business in the state capitol: lobbyists, consultants, elected officials and their staff, even other journalists. The app currently includes a lobbyist lookup tool that allows users to easily access the state’s lobbyist registration system, as well as similar tools for accessing campaign databases and filings.

The user base is heavily concentrated in Tallahassee, but there’s a substantial number of people from all over the state that are actively using the app, as well as nearly 100 users dispersed across the country, most of those in Washington D.C..

Capitolist's Users as of July 4th

About 55% of The Capitolist app installations are based in Tallahassee. The remaining 45% are distributed across the state and nation.

Another update is already in the works that will include a bug fix for Android users who are experiencing missing hyperlinks on certain pages. Android devices comprise about 14% of the overall user base. The remaining 86% have Apple iPhones.

“We knew going into a holiday it would be challenging to keep getting downloads, and we did see a drop off over the weekend. But as people start coming back into town and catching up, we think those numbers are going to keep growing,” Burgess said. “We’ve got some great stories in the works, too.”

The app is available on Apple iTunes and for Android in the Google Play store.




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