The Capitolist bolsters newsroom with addition of reporter Caden DeLisa

by | Nov 2, 2021

With the 2022 Legislative Session just around the corner and a special session set to open in mid-November, The Capitolist is adding a new reporter to the team.

Caden DeLisa, a recent summa cum laude graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Editing, Writing & Media, will expand the team’s coverage while focusing on business policy and related news in Tallahassee and around the state.

Born and raised in the Miami metropolitan area, DeLisa got his start in journalism covering events and stories for local publications on a volunteer basis, sprouting a passion for news and writing that lead to a desire to study and work in the media industry.

DeLisa previously worked for news-aggregation platform News Bling, where he served as a lead news editor and producer from 2019-2021. Curating a daily newsletter sent to a subscriber base of over 8,000 readers, DeLisa gained experience in local, national, and international reporting spanning categories from business and sports to politics and entertainment.

Additionally, DeLisa worked as a Director of Continuity for the Tallahassee-based radio station WVFS Tallahassee 89.7 from 2018-2020, where he was responsible for the editing and direction of staff to write scripts, public service announcements, and ad reads to be spoken on-air.

DeLisa’s primary beat will focus on Florida’s business and policy sectors, including healthcare, tourism, and telecommunications.

Outside of his work, DeLisa plays underwater rugby for the Tallahassee Tarpon and enjoys snorkeling the waters of local springs and underwater cave systems in Florida.



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  1. GD

    Will he be badly biased spreading half truths, misinformation, leaving out main facts and lies like most of the hacks you use?
    From what I’ve read here, you all can’t handle the truth.
    So welcome Caden, you sure picked a site where honest journalism usually comes to die. We wait to see what you are made of and if you have any morals, do honest reporting.

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