The Capitolist celebrates seven years, 7.1 million page views

by | Jul 9, 2023

As the nation wraps up another July 4th week celebrating America’s birthday, we at The Capitolist are celebrating our own anniversary – a significant 7th milestone that underscores our unwavering commitment to providing Florida’s movers and shakers with unique, pro-free market insights into business, state policy, and political matters.

We launched The Capitolist in 2016 with a keen understanding of the information needs of Florida’s business leaders, political operatives, lobbyists, public affairs professionals, and politically engaged readers. Today, seven years later, our dedication to that mission remains as strong as ever.

Our growth over these years has been inspiring: despite our modest newsroom size (yes, we’re hiring), our relentless team has written exactly 6,104 stories, earning us 2.3 million unique visitors who viewed over 7.1 million pages of our content. In June 2023 alone, we welcomed 82,193 users to our website, a staggering 94.48 percent increase compared to the same period a year ago, and registered 210,697 pageviews, up 55.13 percent from the previous year.

The Capitolist’s influence extends beyond the confines of our website. Our twice-daily briefings, the morning ReCap and the afternoon Coffee Break, are now part of the daily routine for 60,424 subscribers (sign up here, it’s free). Additionally, our Facebook community – which shares our content to their own friends and family – is now 38,941 strong. These metrics demonstrate the growth of a robust community of engaged, informed, and influential readers who rely on The Capitolist for their daily dose of news.

But we are more than just a news outlet. We are a trusted source of information for an audience of decision makers in Florida government, politically engaged readers, and professionals keen on state policy, politics, and business news. We provide an exclusive, center-right, pro-business and common-sense policy channel to Florida’s powerhouses, from the state capital to the C-suites of tens of thousands of businesses up and down the state.

Advertising with The Capitolist is among the most powerful and affordable ways to reach one the state’s most influential audience, and we’ve long enjoyed the support of a broad range of sponsors ranging from Florida businesses and non-profit advocacy organizations, to elite educational institutions. And we’re excited to continue building our roster of advertisers who understand the unique value of our platform and audience.

The Capitolist’s success is rooted in our unwavering commitment to truth, transparency, and service to our readers. We remain devoted to our mission and will continue to produce original, comprehensive, and insightful news that our readers trust and rely upon.

As we celebrate seven fruitful years and embark on the next chapter of our journey, we invite potential advertisers to be part of our growth story. By advertising with The Capitolist, your organization will have the opportunity to reach an exclusive, powerful, and influential audience that is continuously expanding.

On this anniversary, we look forward to continuing our mission of delivering quality, insightful news from across the state’s business, policy and political landscape.

To another seven years, and beyond, we remain, proudly, The Capitolist. Thank you for your continued trust and support.

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  1. Nancy Smith

    Congratulations! Trust me, I understand what an achievement this is. I depend on The Capitolist every day, as I’m sure hundreds of readers do.

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