The Capitolist is looking to hire an experienced reporter

by | Sep 30, 2021

After five years in business, The Capitolist is looking to expand and enhance our coverage of news and events at Florida’s nexus of business, policy and politics. Our goal is to help our readers understand the people, the companies and the industry segments that are driving Florida’s growth and interact with our state’s policymakers, opinion leaders, and political community.

In support of that mission, we’re looking for an experienced reporter to join our Tallahassee-based news team.

The ideal candidate will have at least five years of experience in journalism, agency, corporate communications or similar areas with a communications focus, an understanding of how business and government agencies work, and how that work impacts our state’s economic outlook.

Excellent writing skills are an absolute must.

The ideal candidate should be savvy with social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and know how to get the most out of a smartphone’s camera system.

The position will be based in Tallahassee and will require flexibility in work hours as public meetings and events dictate.

Candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and writing samples, along with compensation history and requirements, to:

Brian Burgess
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


  1. GD

    Like a real reporter would join your group of mostly biased hacks. What you really want is a right wing hack that will bend the truth to out and out lie.
    Fact is you couldn’t stand a real reporter as would show your right to far right and fascist bias, lies. So I challenge you to put a real honest reporter on this blog.
    I watch as repubs do everything they use to be against in the name of Trump go from a decent party that I learned economics, freedom, etc to a bunch of fascist liars
    Keep it up and come Nov 22 will be very upsetting for you as people really don’t like pols lying to them like they are stupid enough to believe them.
    Save the repub party, vote Dem!.

    • Freedom isn't free

      I doubt that your application will be accepted. You appear to lack “an understanding of how business and government agencies work” and you clearly don’t have “excellent writing skills.”
      Additionally, you obviously didn’t learn much about economics if you think Biden’s economic policies are better than Trumps.

      • GD

        I’m not planning to apply as I’m busy making products of the future that cut energy, transport costs 50% with 95% less pollution. And I am a real fiscal conservative. Sadly repubs after teaching me 50 yrs ago, have not been. They spend like drunken sailors while cutting taxes then blame dems like here.
        I understand both business and government very well having watched it closely 50 yrs in Florida.
        Under Trump the Feds had to go back to 0 interest rates and restart QE because the tax cuts and Trump’s incompetent, impotent trade wars, tariffs was killing the economy.
        They raised my metal, etc costs so much it delayed my business start up 2 yrs as did many companies that used steel, alum, etc.
        Saying Trump’s economy was good when he killed Obama’s excellent one and raised the deficit from $550B under Obama to near $2T/yr and the economy was still going down 2 yrs before covid.
        So don’t give me that ca-p Trump’s great economy as just another of your, his many, many, many, many, many lies.

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck finding a real journalist


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