The Capitolist launches two new site features: Summarized News and a Reader Poll

by | Jul 12, 2022

  • After weeks of testing, The Capitolist launched two new site features
  • Summarized news delivers the main points of every story in bullet point format
  • Reader polls will appear after some stories, and on The Capitolist’s home page
  • More changes to the way The Capitolist gathers and delivers news are coming

Over the last several weeks, some readers may have noticed that we’ve been testing a handful of new features at The Capitolist. Our goal with these tests and changes to our site is to enhance usability and engage readers, improving the overall user experience. We’ve now worked out the bugs and are ready to roll the changes out to readers. Both changes are available to all readers, whether you read our content on desktop or a mobile device.

The first new feature: summarized news content. On every story we publish (including this one), our content now includes at least one, but usually several bullet points that quickly deliver the main points of the story you clicked on. Those bullet points appear just below the story’s featured image, and above the long-form content. The end result is a streamlined experience that delivers relevant information to our readers even faster than before.

Our second feature, a regular Reader Poll, isn’t really a new innovation, but incorporating the technology to ask questions, track reader submissions and deliver real-time feedback, all within the general theme and limited space of our existing website, is no easy task. We’re still actually tweaking a few things, but the result you see – both on this page and on our home page, just below the lead story, is the product of weeks of testing and adjusting until we got things working the way we like.

Behind the scenes, we’re working on a few more changes to the way the Capitolist approaches news, and we’ll announce those changes as soon as we’re ready. In the meantime, be sure to vote in our first (official) reader poll:

Voter Top-of-Mind July 2022

Voter Top-of-Mind July 2022

Which single issue will most influence your vote for a candidate on election day? *


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  1. Anonymous

    All of concern, but one, gun rights, is a Constitutional right and must be protected because without it we are at the mercy of the gun controllers.

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