The Capitolist previews 2022 ad rates, discount plan and editorial overview

by | Nov 21, 2021

With the 2022 Legislative Session set to begin on January 11th, and the 2022 election cycle kicking into full gear by mid-March, The Capitolist is gearing up for an exciting year. As part of the preparation process, we’re publishing our 2022 advertising rates, including discounts for long-term advertisers, which are now available for marketers and communications professionals considering their 2022 budget plans.

With six weeks to spare, The Capitolist has already shattered our all-time readership record set last year during the frenzied 2020 election cycle. Next year, with the 2022 election cycle about to kick off, we expect to see even more readers coming to The Capitolist.

There are several factors that helped us drive traffic to new all-time highs this year.

“Much of our readership growth is due to expanded business and policy content, combined with an aggressive push to grow our ReCap email list,” said Brian Burgess, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Capitolist. “The popularity of our ReCap email has been a huge traffic driver this year. People have praised the streamlined, no-nonsense presentation of each day’s important news, and that’s reflected in new subscriptions and readers.”

The ReCap mailing list is expected to surpass 25,000 subscribers this year, making it one of the most important sources of website traffic to, and to other news outlets around the state.

Advertising space within The ReCap email is limited, and is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. And The Capitolist’s new long-term discount plan is expected to drive up demand for the lucrative space.

“We have several marketing options within The ReCap, including a pair of prominent banner ad placements,” Burgess said, “But we also have native advertising spots in the form of seamless advertorial placements that are very effective at getting attention.”

For advertisers and marketers looking to lock-in long-term deals, The Capitolist is pleased to offer discounts as high as 20 percent off the published rate card price for ads.

News coverage next year will kick off in January with the 2022 Legislative Session, which starts on the 11th and runs for 60 days. Session coverage typically transitions from a heavy policy focus on specific legislation early on, which later gives way to economic and budget issues as lawmakers help shape a spending plan for the state’s $100 billion+ budget.

Following the close of session, the state is expected to begin the process of structuring its Medicaid Managed Care program, with contracts ultimately issued totaling close to $80 billion. Many of the state’s biggest managed care providers are expected to jockey for a sizeable share of those contracts, and The Capitolist will cover each new development.

As spring gives way to summer, the political primary season in Florida will heat up, too. In addition to a high-profile contest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, both Republicans and Democrats and alike will vie for victories up and down the ballot, including statewide primary contests for governor, agriculture commissioner, congressional primaries and battles for state legislative seats.

Once those contests wrap up in August, the political season is expected to get even hotter – with national attention expected for Florida’s high-profile governor’s race that is will pit incumbent Ron DeSantis against the Democratic nominee.

Despite all that political action, The Capitolist will continue to bring news coverage of developing stories in health care, energy, telecom, agriculture, finance and insurance, and much more, throughout the year.

For more information about how you can partner with The Capitolist to maximize your organization’s media strategy for 2022, get in touch today, or click HERE to view our 2022 ad rate card and ad placement examples.


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