The Miami Herald has turned to begging to support their biased reporting and fear-mongering

by | May 7, 2020

The Miami Herald is now begging for handouts in order to keep their special brand of “journalism” alive. The move comes as no surprise, it’s long been known the paper’s local community has lost interest in what the Herald has to say, and it’s advertisers have lost confidence in the newspaper’s ability to influence readers.

Newspapers like the Herald have been in financial trouble for years. Though advertisers have been pulling the plug for a while, the panicked, coronavirus-caused economic slowdown has exacerbated the problem to the point they have now resorted to begging for cash from local residents to help support the Coronavirus Local News Fund.

So far, under 200 people have felt motivated to donate to their cause, and the Herald has raised less than $14,000, just a fraction of their stated goal of $350,000 in donations to keep the newsroom alive. The Herald has tried everything from installing paywalls to flat out making stuff up.

Over the past few months, the Herald’s reporters all but abandoned any pretense of objectivity and openly embraced a liberal, big-labor agenda when they voted overwhelmingly to unionize their workforce. As we reported at the time, a unionized newsroom is a tacit admission that they lean leftward politically: over 90 percent of all union donations nationally wind up in the coffers of the Democrat party and its politicians.

It’s little wonder that Miami residents, the majority of which are either registered Republicans or are registered voters with no party affiliation (NPA), are tired of reading the partisan tripe published by the Herald. And there’s been no shortage of that lately.

Earlier this month, Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago posted her thoughts on Twitter about Florida’s decision to reopen beaches, unable to hide her contempt for Republicans, calling them “stupid” and in a subsequent tweet, suggesting it would be just fine if coronavirus killed them:


She later deleted the tweet, but not before someone captured it and the story went national.

Then, last Friday, the Herald published a fake news story pretending that Governor Ron DeSantis was engaged in a cover-up of COVID-19 nursing home deaths. But the sensational headline didn’t match the facts.

The week before that the Herald published a false story proclaiming “Florida’s deadliest day.” That one gained national prominence as sites like the Drudge Report proclaimed the fake news long before the truth was discovered – that in fact, the stats the Herald relied on included previously unreported weekend deaths that were simply not reported until the following Monday. Ho-hum.

But the Herald’s coronavirus panic has shaded their news coverage since the get go. In late March, when coronavirus cases were still just trickling in, the Herald’s editorial board begged DeSantis to “give a damn,” lamenting that Florida wasn’t reacting in the same way to the crisis as New York or California. Six weeks later, it’s obvious why Florida’s governor started throwing shade on panicked media outlets like the Herald.

Ironically, the false headlines and fear-mongering over coronavirus by the Herald may have helped accelerated it’s own demise.









  1. Barbara Griffin

    Goodness. What on earth could be more biased than this headline and piece? We need to demonstrate our values. The Herald should but so should you.

  2. Robert Leviton

    This is what happens when you are nothing but the propaganda machine for the Anti-American Anti-Constitutional Democratic Socialist party run by the Clinton’s and obama’s.

  3. Jose Rodriguez

    The great late Jorge Mas Canosa was always right about this Marxist propaganda vehicle. I cancelled my subscription right around the end of the century, a good 10 years late, on account of still reading the sports pages, back then. Journalism is dead in our city. It appears to have become, nationwide, the most disreputable profession, even more depraved than the political one.

  4. Allan Jacob

    There is a cardinal rule in business. Don’t insult your customers. Their position on nearly every issue insults far more people than it panders to. That’s what happens when you let children and progressives run a business.
    When Dave Barry slowed down and the crossword puzzle because available elsewhere, their fate was sealed.

  5. mike

    f ag shut up

  6. Osvaldo Pi

    This garbage newspaper has the audacity to ask for donations for their garbage bias opinions. The worse is the racist bigot Leonard Pitts. The Herald could close tomorrow and nobody with brain would give a damn. It is clearly a far left propaganda machine of the worst kind.

  7. Anonymous

    But can one really trust an article written by someone who doesn’t understand the correct use of “it’s” vs “its”? 🤔🙄

  8. Anonymous

    Sure Klan

  9. Anonymous

    Just get rid of the liberal Sh..T House. Haven’t you all seen enough of this yet?

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