Trailing in the polls and with time running out, Chris King shows more of personal side in latest ad

by | Aug 2, 2018

With less than four weeks to go before the Aug. 28 primary and most polls showing him fifth in the five-person race for the Democratic nomination for governor, Chris King attempts to show more of his personal life in his latest video that will be featured on Facebook statewide.

The ad, called “Chris and Kristen,” features King and his wife talking about how they first met.

“So I met her when I was 15,” King recalled in the opening line of the spot. “She was a lot older woman, she was a senior––”

“And actually Chris and I grew up two blocks from each other but didn’t meet until we were in high school. Probably because of our age difference,” Kristen reflected. “On our first date, I had to pick Chris up.”

“One of our early dates we went to an Orlando Magic game,” Kristen adds. “And we’re sitting there in the stands watching the game and Chris turns to me and says ‘you have the prettiest eyes.’ And really quickly I shut my eyes and I said ‘What color are they?’ And he said ‘Blue?’ And they’re not blue, they’re hazel, so I knew that was a line.”

The spot is part of a six-digit online media buy. King, a multi-millionaire businessman from the Orlando area has been putting a lot of his own money into media buys, but he continues to trail his other four Democratic opponents and time is quickly running out.

A poll released last week by Mason-Dixon Polling Gwen Graham getting the support of 27 percent of Democratic voters, followed by Philip Levine at 18 percent. They were followed by Palm Beach businessman Jeff Greene at 12 percent, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum at 10 percent, and King at 7 percent


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