Trump just pulled the plug on North Carolina GOP convention. One step closer to Florida?

by | Jun 2, 2020

Late Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump posted a series of tweets on Twitter explaining his decision to cancel the Republican National Convention slated for Charlotte in August. In the posts, Trump says North Carolina governor Roy Cooper refused to make specific guarantees about hotel capacity and convention access, despite a reduced threat from coronavirus:

The announcement came around 9pm eastern on Tuesday, on the heels of increased chatter among Florida Republicans, including Governor Ron DeSantis and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, who want the president to move the convention to the Sunshine State. Four days ago, Curry told News 4 Jacksonville that he’s been in talks with the Republican National Committee.

“My people have been in discussion with them,” Curry said. “Look, I was the state chairman of the Republican Party of Florida when there was a convention in Tampa, so I recognize what it takes to put one of those things on. I’m hopeful, but that’s a heavy lift.”

According to Axios:

The late-night tweet came after North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) told convention organizers earlier Tuesday that Republicans should plan for a “scaled-down convention with fewer people, social distancing and face coverings” given the impact of the pandemic.

The move could cost Charlotte $200 million in economic activity, and bring at least $100 million or more to the host city.


  1. Anonymous

    Good. Florida will benefit economically & politically.

  2. jerry

    So Florida will get all the corona cases!! Moving a convention this late will be just another Trump fiasco.
    And no guaranty Florida if conditions are not good, would allow more than NC would as the county medical officer’s call at the time.
    I do love how Trump doesn’t mind infecting his party with the virus. Maybe he’ll make a speech in the Villages and kill off a bunch of them.
    And as the virus hits Trump country hard because of not being smart, many more will die.
    And I do love how his actions are showing everyone what a sociopath he is tanking his support as older people see how he is sacrificing them to open the economy to early.
    That you can support such a lying incompetent con artist says a lot about you.

  3. Larry

    Jerry stfu!!

  4. Duff Smithwick

    We can have it in Bellville at the volunteer fire dept. Yeahhhhh

  5. Maggie

    And your hateful speech says an awful lot about you.

  6. Anonymous

    You are an idiot lib

  7. Anonymous

    but its okay to riot dumbass

  8. Nancy

    STFU !

  9. Cool H Luke

    Language people, dont want Jerry tattling to Biden and BLM. Could turn into a real shit show… know!! 🤣🤣

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