Trump’s New Region 4 EPA Appointee A Good Fit for Florida’s Needs

by | Aug 22, 2017

Of the eight southern states comprising Region 4 of the Environmental Protection Agency, Florida is perhaps the state with some of the most contentious environmental issues: from port expansion projects to managing the delicate balance between South Florida’s urban expansion and the Everglades, the federal authority wielded by the EPA has an outsided impact on Florida’s economy and quality of life. But the appointment of Trey Glenn to become the EPA’s Region 4 Administrator should go a long way toward striking the right balance between environmental concerns and economic common sense.

Trey Glenn – EPA Region 4 Administrator

In the wake of the news of Glenn’s appointment, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection noted the importance of ongoing cooperation with EPA, which awards grants to Florida’s environmental programs, non-profit groups, and others. This funding goes toward implementing programs and a wide variety of projects, from scientific studies to community cleanups. Florida DEP administers grants awarded by EPA to Florida including State Revolving Fund loans. That amount of funding the department receives from EPA varies year to year. For Fiscal Year 2015-16, the department received $110.7 million.

“DEP is committed to the protection of Floridians and our state’s beautiful natural resources,” said Florida DEP communications director Lauren Engel. “DEP regularly communicates and interacts with EPA to implement regulatory, grant and assistance programs and initiatives, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to implement these programs and protect Florida’s environment and communities.”

Governor Rick Scott already had high praise for the man who appointed Glenn, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt:

“Florida’s world-class beaches, pristine environment and incredible natural resources are a driving force behind our successive years of record tourism and growing economy. It is great to have a partner in Administrator Pruitt and the Trump Administration and I am glad to see their focus on protecting Florida’s environment for future generations.”

Trey Glenn is Pruitt’s first appointment since taking over as Donald Trump’s pick to lead the powerful agency, and it was met with high praise from officials across the region. Kentucky officials described Glenn as an administrator who will make “reasonable and timely decisions.”

South Carolina’s Director of Environmental Affairs highlighted Glenn’s “collaborative problem solving” approach.

See the full EPA press release here:

EPA Announces Appointment of Trey Glenn to Region 4 Administrator

Glenn Will Lead Environmental Protection Efforts Across Eight Southern States


Contact Information: 

EPA Press Office (

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the appointment of Trey Glenn of Alabama to become Regional Administrator for EPA’s Southeast Region (Region 4).  Mr. Glenn will employ his 22 years of environmental and regulatory experience in leading the environmental protection efforts across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Mr. Glenn served as director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) from 2005 – 2009 where he managed over 600 ADEM employees tasked with ensuring a safe, healthy, and productive environment to all Alabama residents. Mr. Glenn also served as division director for the Alabama Office of Water Resources from 2001- 2005 where he was responsible for leading day-to-day operations on coordinating and managing Alabama’s water resources.  Most recently, Mr. Glenn has been working as an independent engineer consultant and business owner, focused on environmental issues.

“Trey Glenn will bring invaluable experience as regional administrator having spent over two decades working in the field of environmental and regulatory policy,” said Administrator Pruitt. “Mr. Glenn will help us carry out President Trump’s vision of creating a more streamlined and efficient EPA that focuses on the Agency’s core mission, while also providing more regulatory certainty to our nation’s businesses.”

What others are saying about Trey Glenn’s appointment: 

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey: “We are proud to have a person of Trey Glenn’s caliber leading such an important organization for our area. His experience as Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management places him in a unique position to be prepared to work with these southern states. We are also especially glad to know someone with in-depth knowledge of Alabama will be overseeing our region. Our state looks forward to working closely with Trey and the EPA team to ensure the needs of the state are met and that we stay environmentally friendly.”

United States Senator Richard Shelby: “As an accomplished environmental engineer from Alabama, Trey Glenn is well-prepared for this new role and challenge as the EPA Region 4 Administrator.  Trey has a proven record of leveraging internal and external operations to advance clearly defined goals. Having served as the director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, he understands the value and importance of state authority and control. I am confident that Trey will provide respected leadership across the eight state region, while also promoting and protecting a strong and healthy environment.”

Director of Alabama Department of Environmental Management Lance R. LeFleur: “I have had the opportunity to work with Trey Glenn as I transitioned into my position as Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management – a position he previously occupied – so I have seen his capabilities first hand.  President Trump made a wise choice in selecting Trey.  I am confident he will do an outstanding job, especially considering he will have an exceptionally fine career staff in Region 4 at his side.  I look forward to working with Trey in assuring for Alabama citizens a safe, healthful, and productive environment.”

Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Richard Dunn: “We welcome the selection of Trey Glenn and look forward to working with him and the Region 4 team to identify more aligned and mutually supportive efforts to address today’s environmental challenges.”

Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Commissioner Aaron Keatley: “The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet is pleased to learn of Trey Glenn’s appointment as the U.S. EPA Regional Administrator for EPA Region 4.  His experience in leading a state environmental agency and in private sector consulting provides him with a valuable perspective on state and local priorities and needs.  Trey’s experience and leadership will help facilitate the ability of U.S. EPA to make reasonable and timely decisions on environmental topics important to Kentucky.  We look forward to working with Trey as we partner together to protect Kentucky’s environment and create new opportunities for the growth of Kentucky’s economy.”

South Carolina Director of Environmental Affairs Myra Reece: “The new Regional Administrator has experienced first hand the many environmental challenges that states and rural communities face, as well as recognizes the value of robust stakeholder engagement and collaborative problem solving. We look forward to working with Trey and the entire  EPA Region 4 team as we enhance and reconfigure the cooperative federalism relationship and work more effectively in achieving SC’s vision of Healthy People Living in Healthy Communities.”

Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Gary Rikard: “I look forward to working with Trey Glenn in his new position as EPA Regional Administrator.  His prior experience as head of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management will bolster Administrator Pruitt’s goal of improving cooperative federalism and building relationships between EPA and the states in administering environmental regulations and policy.”


  1. Jim Mind

    Is the author of this article kidding or can he simply lie with such a straight face? Sure, all the state heads of environmental enforcement entities are pleased with Trey Glenn’s appointment to be over Region 4 of the EPA. Trey will let them get away with NEVER enforcing the Clean Water/Clean Air acts. He never enforced these laws while over the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Did you notice there is no mention of “enforcement” in this agencies name? That is because it was never set up to be an enforcer of laws. ADEM just “manages” the situation if the public does find out about some company’s screw up. This appointment should concern every person living within the Region. Pray to God because you will need help from above with this man over the EPA in the south.

  2. Sean

    Some apparently wisdom from a place who tweeted on Monday “Attention government employees: your taxpayer funded break is now over. Get back to work.”
    gee, wonder which side of the political spectrum this place represents?

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, this is a laugh – a balancing act between the environment and economics with Rick Scott’s administration on one side of the equation and this Trump muppet on the other. God help Floridians.


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