UF and FIU make Top 10 in national rankings for student return on investment

by | Feb 1, 2023

  • For students looking to get the most out of their college tuition dollars, look no further than the University of Florida and Florida International University.
  • National rankings published today show both schools ranked in the Top 10 nationally for return on investment tabulated from a broad range of factors including tuition cost vs. graduate earnings. 
  • Florida International University (FIU) rose from 23rd to 8th in Degree Choice’s annual rankings, and 4th overall in “payback,” which measures the speed at which students pay back tuition loans.
  • The University of Florida maintained its 2nd-in-the-nation ranking for payback for the second consecutive year and 4th overall in return on investment.
  • Both FIU and UF alums on average complete student loan repayments in less than a year.

Florida International University (FIU) made significant strides in Degree Choice’s annual return on investment rankings, rising from 23rd to 8th in the nation compared to last year, while the University of Florida (UF) ranked 4th in the nation overall. Both schools performed even better in the “payback” category, which measures the average time it takes a graduate to repay student tuition loans. UF ranked 2nd in the nation for the second consecutive year, while FIU ranked 4th overall.

Degree Choices calculates its rankings based on several metrics including student loan payback time, a graduate’s earnings 10 years after earning a degree, and other categories. According to the composite rankings, both FIU and UF offer a strong economic return on investment for students, with both schools having a payback time of “under a year.”

FIU’s repayment figure is an improvement over last year’s findings, which reported an average of 1.1 years for the average FIU student to pay back loans.

“This is not just another ranking. This ranking uses objective measures to rank universities based on the cost of attendance and the earnings a student can expect,” Kenneth A. Jessell, President of FIU told The Capitolist.It is incredibly meaningful as it showcases that FIU is dedicated to education excellence, outcomes and providing individuals and the state of Florida an incredible return on investment.”

Ten years after graduation, the average FIU graduate earns $54,501, according to Degree Choice’s data, while UF students earn about $10,000 more. However, a school’s earnings data is heavily dependent on a student’s choice of degree program and the school’s mix of degree offerings.

FIU’s placement in the ranking marks a rapid ascension, jumping 19 spots from the year prior. The feat comes just several months after the university was noted as the fastest-rising public university in America in terms of national rankings. the school has increased its focus on research and collaboration, forming collaborative partnerships with South Florida industry leaders including HCA Florida Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic Florida, and Florida Power & Light.

According to the DegreeChoices economic analysis, UF outperformed institutions like MIT, the California Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Yale, and comes following the university’s placement as a top-five public university in America.

While UF and FIU were the only schools to make Degree Choice’s National Top 10 list, four other Florida schools made the national Top 50. Florida State University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of South Florida, ranked 29th, 30th, and 31st, respectively. The University of North Florida, based in Jacksonville, ranked 43rd in the nation.

The Capitolist attempted to reach UF for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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