UF Health, College of Nursing establish research and innovation initiative

by | Oct 10, 2022

  • The University of Florida (UF) College of Nursing and UF Health Shands Hospital are partnering to inhibit a series of research projects within the nursing sector 
  • Eight projects will be conducted, covering a span of topics including COVID-19 discoveries, stroke care, and nurse recruitment and retention, among others.
  • At the completion of the projects, results will be publicized via science conferences, publications, and research summits

The University of Florida (UF) College of Nursing and UF Health Shands Hospital is partnering to develop and fund research and innovation projects. The series of projects may cover such topics as COVID-19 discoveries, stroke care, and nurse recruitment and retention, among others.

According to the University, a total of eight initiatives will be carried out. Each team is comprised of at least one lead investigator from the College of Nursing and one from UF Health Shands Nursing, as well as co-investigators and consultants who also provide expertise.

The engagement originated as College of Nursing instructors and UF Health nursing staff established a strategy to assist nurses to get more project funding.

“Nurses are not just caregivers; we are scientists as well,” said Anna McDaniel, College of Nursing Dean. “We are thrilled to join with our nursing colleagues in the hospital system to combine the state-of-the-art, clinical knowledge of practicing nurses with the research insights of nursing faculty to create successful, collaborative projects and broaden our professional knowledge base.”

University members posited that a research gap exists in nursing research endeavors compared to projects conducted by medical or bioengineering students. The eight projects will be mentored and guided by high-level College of Nursing and UF Health nursing officials over a year as they carry out pilot studies.

At the completion of the studies, findings will be publicized through a College Nursing Research Summit, the UF Health Nursing Research & Innovation Conference, professional scientific publications, and conferences, according to UF.

“This will not only be an opportunity to encourage collaboration between the academic and practice systems, but also help us evaluate how to implement improved approaches to health care access and delivery at UF Health. I am eager to see how these selected projects will aid us in advancing the quality of our patient care,” said Irene Alexaitis, UF Health Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Nursing and Patient Services.

UF surpassed $1 billion in research spending for the first time in school history this year, largely due in part to the school’s allocation of funding to its medical and nursing academies.

Nearly half of the research occurred in the six colleges of UF Health, led by the College of Medicine in Gainesville and Jacksonville with $347 million, the College of Public Health & Health Professions with $34.5 million, the College of Veterinary Medicine with $32.1 million, the College of Pharmacy with $31.4 million, the College of Dentistry with $17.2 million, and the College of Nursing with $5 million.


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