University of Florida named second-best university in America for student return on investment

by | Aug 4, 2022

  • The University of Florida (UF) placed fourth among all American higher education institutions in graduate return on investment 
  • UF graduates statistically repay incurred education debts in less than a year and earn nearly $20,000 more than Florida’s ten other state universities
  • UF is among the most affordable universities to attend in the state, charging just over $6,000 per year

The University of Florida was ranked second nationally among public universities and fourth among public and private schools for the economic return students get from attending college and leading students to greater financial security, according to a new analysis conducted by Degree Choices.

According to the analysis, UF outperformed institutions like MIT, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Michigan. Princeton University and Stanford University, both private universities, were in first and second place, respectively, when including both private and public institutions.

In compiling its rankings, Degree Choices evaluated more than 2,000 schools using the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

“This is excellent news and frankly not surprising,” said Mori Hosseini, chair of UF’s Board of Trustees. “It’s well known that UF students get an incredible return on their investment, go on to build highly successful careers, and become major contributors to the state’s economy.”

UF charges $6,302 per year for tuition, according to the methodology of the ranking. Statistically, graduates of the university recoup tuition expenses less than a year after workforce entry. On average, a UF graduate earns $19,742 more than those from Florida’s 10 other state institutions.

“Students make a life-changing decision when they choose where they will attend college,” he said. “Those who graduate from the University of Florida will walk away with an exceptionally valuable degree.”

Florida International University (FIU) ranked second in the state for return on investment metrics, placing just ahead of Florida State University (FSU). FIU costs slightly more than UF to attend, with annual tuition hovering around $7,300. The average timespan for an FIU graduate to pay back educational costs is 1.1 years and on average earn $54,501 per year.

Meanwhile, FSU charges $9,789 per year in tuition, while graduates earn $53,449 per year on average and take 1.3 years to pay back student loans and other incurred education debts.



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