Upstryve launches pre-apprenticeship program to address skilled labor shortage

by | Sep 14, 2021

ProBility Media Corp, an industrial education and training technology company headquartered in Coconut Creek, Florida, has launched a Pre-Apprenticeship Program through its subsidiary.

Upstryve, a leading resource for tradespeople nationwide, announced the launch of their new Pre-Apprenticeship program on Tuesday. The new certification program will allow novice tradespeople the opportunity to build a wealth of knowledge and skills prior to joining the workforce. To address the high demand in skilled laborers, Upstryve’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program will put candidates through several weeks of basic training, career pathways, and 1 on 1 mentoring with high leveled professionals. The program will also link companies with more knowledgeable entry-level candidates to join their teams.

“These aspiring trade professionals are the future of the industry and Upstryve plans to guide them in every step of the way towards a successful career and beyond,” stated Cesar Valencia, Digital Marketing Manager at Upstryve.

According to an August press release by PeopleReady, a staffing agency that specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor, between May and June of this year more than 380,000 skilled trades jobs were posted — a 50 percent increase to pre-pandemic levels.  Most positions were not filled for 24 days. In addition to the need for skilled tradespeople, there are plenty of beginner or pre-apprenticeship positions available. Upstryve is aiming to link these candidates with potential employers while better preparing them for that position and their future trades career.

Over the past year demand has grown for skilled workers in industrial trades across multiple industries. The increase in demand, lack of trained tradespeople in the industry and cost of materials increase have all contributed to more and more companies fighting overqualified entry-level tradesmen and women.

“The program will create a new breed of entry-level tradespeople that will make the hiring process much faster, more efficient and create less turnaround for companies,” stated Noah Davis, President of ProBility Media Corp. “These future Upstryve certified Pre-Apprentice’s will be ahead of the curve by having the basic skills a company desires in new hires on day one. Companies will be able to reduce the amount of time needed on job training.”


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