Walmart expanding health clinics into Florida

by | Feb 16, 2021

Walmart is expanding into Florida with its health clinics, Walmart Health, which are currently in only three other states nationally.

Walmart is focusing first on locations in Jacksonville. According to Walmart’s Corporate website, the retailer expects to build seven clinics total in Jacksonville and is exploring the feasibility of expanding further into Florida with clinics in Orlando and Tampa.

The first two Jacksonville Walmart Health centers are currently under construction and are scheduled to open soon, in early 2021. The retailer also submitted permit applications on Monday to build two additional clinics in Jacksonville.

According to the Jacksonville Daily Record, building plans were filed in the Fall of 2020 to expand the Supercenters at 7075 Collins Road and 6830 Normandy Blvd. in West Jacksonville to accommodate the new clinics at an estimated cost of approximately $900,000.

The Record also reported the City received permit applications on Monday for additional clinics to be built at its Supercenters at 11900 Atlantic Blvd. and 4250 Philips Highway. Each carries an estimated construction cost of $350,000 for the 6,510-square-foot additions.

The first Walmart Health center opened in Dallas, Georgia in September 2019. There are currently a total of 20 clinics in Arkansas, Georgia and Illinois.

“We recognize we can make an impact by increasing access to quality, affordable and convenient healthcare as we invest millions of dollars and expand Walmart Health into Florida, which is home to the second highest number of Walmart stores in the country. It’s also where we launched our $4 generic prescription program more than a decade ago,” said corporate officials in a release on the expansion.

According to Walmart, Walmart Health will provide “low, transparent pricing for key healthcare services, regardless of insurance status.”

The centers will employ physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, counselors and optometrists.

Its state-of-the-art facilities will offer full-service primary and urgent care, labs, x-ray and diagnostics, counseling, dental, optical and hearing services all in one central facility. They will also provide specialized community health resources, online education and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventive health and wellness.




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