Web3, cryptocurrency programs expanded at Florida International University in new partnership

by | Aug 17, 2022

  • Florida International University (FIU) and Blockchain.com announced a partnership on Tuesday that aims to expand Web3 and cryptocurrency education programs at the university
  •  Miami, where FIU is located, has been an early adopter of web3 and cryptocurrency infrastructure
  • The collaborative effort holds a long term goal of creating a pipeline of computing and information technology workers in the region

Florida International University (FIU) on Tuesday announced a partnership with Blockchain.com to expand Web3 and cryptocurrency education at the university.

Through curricular, co-curricular, and continuing education programs and courses, the alliance will aid in identifying new possibilities for students interested in technology and Web3 through FIU’s Education and Student Success initiatives.

“FIU prides itself on student impact and excellence, graduating more than 5,000 computer science and information technology professionals in recent years and being recognized as the country’s top producer of minority graduates in STEM,” said Elizabeth Béjar, FIU’s interim provost, executive vice president and chief operating officer. “We look forward to developing the next generation of tech talent in partnership with Blockchain.com.”

The City of Miami, where FIU is located, along with its Mayor, have been eager adopters of blockchain technology, with a recent proposal for Miami residents to receive their paychecks and pay for their property taxes in bitcoin.

From investment firms to blockchain real estate loan companies, from Bitcoin ATM owners to international remittance firms, cryptocurrency has gained a substantial foothold in Miami, in part due to the city’s status as an international gateway to Central and South America.

Recent reports show that Miami is tied for third in the nation in total blockchain investments, trailing New York City and Silicon Valley, but the city is making a huge push to attract more dollars.

In June, the City of Miami announced a partnership with Atlas, a leading Web3 infrastructure service provider, to jointly announce the inaugural MiamiWeb3 conference.

The flagship conference will be the first of its kind in the region, facilitating a platform to discuss trends and topics emerging from the Web3 space, ranging from advanced business structure to transaction-based blockchain currency.

Growing demand from students and graduates seeking careers in tech has doubled FIU’s enrollment numbers in computing and information technology majors in the last five years, according to the university.

Nationally, experts predict jobs in computing and information technology will grow to 13 percent by 2030, resulting in more than 650,000 jobs. Since moving its headquarters to Miami, Blockchain.com alone has doubled its workforce and has hired locals across South Florida’s top universities, including FIU, according to a news release.

“In order for crypto to hit mainstream adoption, education is key,” said Lane Kasselman, Blockchain.com chief business officer. “As part of our commitment to investing in our local communities where we live and work, we’re honored to partner with FIU to bring crypto education to the next level and arm the next generation of talent with tools they need for careers in Web3 and beyond.”


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