Why is Monica Lewinsky responding to Marco Rubio on Twitter?

by | May 3, 2018

Why is Monica Lewinsky, perhaps the best known intern ever, responding to a tweet from U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio?

Lewinsky, who rose to fame as the result of her internship during the Clinton White House, was coming to the defense of another intern.

Rubio has been critical over the past week of the Republican tax plan that passed Congress in December. In an interview with the British magazine, the Economist, he said that the corporate tax cuts included in the tax package really weren’t doing much to help the average working American.

Democrats were quick to jump on the Florida senator’s comments.

On Wednesday, in a column Rubio wrote for the conservative magazine National Review, he tried to explain his earlier comments that the tax package could have done more to help American workers.

“Overall, the Republican tax-cut bill has been good for Americans,” Rubio wrote. “That is why I voted for it. But it could have been even better for American workers and their families.”

Politico did a story on Rubio’s column. The headline read: “Rubio walks back criticism of GOP tax law.”

But Rubio insists he didn’t walk back any of his prior statements.

In a response on Twitter, Rubio criticized the reporter for misinterpreting what he said in the interview, claiming he didn’t walk back his earlier comments. In his tweet, he pointed out that the writer for Politico was an intern.

Enter Lewinsky who had a one line response to Rubio Thursday morning.

And that’s why Lewinsky was tweeting Marco Rubio Thursday morning.

And so goes life in the world of Twitter and Washington.

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  1. Marla Hughes

    My response to her was “If the thong fits……”

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