Will Trump be on hand at DeSantis Palm Beach event?

by | Apr 16, 2021

Will former President Donald Trump make an appearance at an event featuring Governor Ron DeSantis later today in South Florida?

According to Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a right-wing outlet stationed in Auburn, Alabama, the Florida governor has big plans for Friday. In an upcoming YouTube video scheduled for April 16, the conservative network is teasing a rally in Palm Beach Gardens where DeSantis is rumored to be launching his re-election campaign for governor.

The event is a surprise to many, with no advance notice going out to members of the media, and some media outlets saying it’s not an “official” campaign kickoff. But the biggest eye-opener may be in store for those who attend. If RSBN’s Twitter page holds any weight, DeSantis could be bringing along a ‘special guest’ as he makes a political appearance with his 2022 gubernatorial campaign on the horizon.

“It’s one of the most patriotic intersections in all of Florida, ‘Trumps Corner’. No better place to rally behind this popular Governor as he campaigns for another term,” RSBN says in the info section of their upcoming live stream. We’ll see if there’s any ‘special guests’ that make an appearance.”

It doesn’t take a ‘data scientist’ to speculate who that guest could be — and it’s not Rebekah Jones.

Trump headlining DeSantis’ kickoff should come as no surprise as the Governor has slowly filled the ‘MAGA’ void left by the departing 45 President. An ardent Trump supporter, DeSantis was a beneficiary of Trump’s “Midas touch” when he first ran for governor in 2018. The high-level endorsement put DeSantis in the driver’s seat, helping him easily dispatch Republican Adam Putnam in the primary before defeating Democrat Andrew Gillum in the general election.

If Trump does decide to leave his headquarters in Mar-a-Lago to stump for DeSantis, it will mark his first public speech since serving as the keynote speaker at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February. Since exiting office and being banned from social media, Trump has resided in his permanent Florida residence, using his website and daily emails to serve as his new pulpit to spread his ‘America First’ message.

As it stands, DeSantis still has no Democratic opponent in 2022. While that race continues to take shape, many insiders believe that Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the lone statewide Democratic, is orchestrating a bid in an attempt to dethrone DeSantis. Her constant diatribes on social media targeting DeSantis have many believing it’s only a matter of time before she throws her hat in the arena.

But mounting a campaign against the popular governor may prove to be a Sisyphean task, as prediction markets have DeSantis pegged to serve another term at Florida’s helm. Currently, he is sharing at $0.78, with Fried sitting at a distant second at $0.15.

While both men may grace the stage in an effort to keep Florida red in 2022, the duo’s campaigning may be a sign of things to come in 2024. Both men are favorites to run for president in 2024, with DeSantis recently overtaking Trump as the most likely Republican to take on President Joe Biden. In that market, DeSantis is sharing at $0.24 to Trump’s $0.22.

Even with the political stock continuing to rise thanks to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, DeSantis maintains that he is only focused on the Sunshine State.

RSBN is scheduled to start streaming the event at 4:30 p.m later today.


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