Nikki Fried threatened with lawsuit over concealed carry permits

by | Apr 30, 2020

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried could face legal action in her official oversight capacity of Florida’s concealed weapons licensing program after her office suspended online applications for concealed weapons licenses.

Cliff Maloney, President of 501c3 Young Americans for Liberty, issued a press release this morning threatening to sue Fried.

“Your Department has been solely entrusted by the Florida Legislature to process and issue such licenses so that Floridians may lawfully exercise their constitutional right.”

Maloney says despite COVID-19 health concerns and the need to submit fingerprints, online applications should remain open. “Shutting down an online application process that limits contact with others and fosters social distancing makes very little sense from a public health standpoint.”

Maloney noted that Fried’s online hemp cultivating licensing process was not shut down.

The entire press release is located here.

This move comes just a few days after Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sent a letter to Fried on April 22nd, demanding that her office open online applications. “It’s imperative that government continue to take actions that allow Floridians to feel safe and secure during these trying times.” Moody continued on stating that Fried should avoid a potential costly ligation process.

Since March 23, Fried — Florida’s only statewide elected Democrat — stopped accepting online applications for concealed weapons licenses, hampering every citizen’s ability to obtain a license permit indefinitely.

“She found the time to host a fundraiser with Joe Biden but refuses to do her job and accept the online applications of law-abiding Floridians?” Maloney asked. “More than ever, Floridians need their rights protected so they can defend themselves and their families. I’m demanding Commissioner Fried reopen and approve online concealed weapons license applications immediately, or she can expect a lawsuit on her hands.”




  1. Anonymous

    This is awesome. She totally should get sued.

  2. James Dean

    She needs not only sued but removed from office immediately for violating our constitutinal rights.. She basically stole the election to begin with…She has time to campaign for joe Biden who should also be in jail for sexual assault and pedophilia….Fried should also be arrested for violating the stay at home policy for her trip to Atlanta over the Easter weekend to grandstand on msnbc.

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