Zika Ground Zero: Obama sitting on $385 Million, more cases found

by | Aug 2, 2016

While more people get infected with Zika every day, Roll Call reported this morning that the Obama administration is sitting on $385 million in funding that could be put to use immediately to curb infections, control mosquito populations and screen travelers coming back to the United States. Here’s the money graph from Roll Call:

The Obama administration is struggling to explain why it is pressing Congress for more money to fight the Zika virus while sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars that it already controls and could be used instead.  

Some in Florida’s Congressional delegation jumped on the news:

But others chose to ignore the news, on both sides of the political aisle:

Meanwhile, new cases keep cropping up (we’re up to 15 and counting now), and just a few square miles in downtown Miami have become “ground zero” for the fight against the Zika virus. Florida governor Rick Scott held a press conference yesterday outlining his administration’s efforts to combat the spreading disease, and the Centers for Disease Control warned pregnant women to avoid traveling to the Wynwood area in Miami, releasing a map showing the not-quite quarantined area. 

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