Broward recount shenanigans: 46,000 Democrat votes “found” after election day, with more to come

by | Nov 8, 2018

********CURRENT VOTE MARGINS as of 8:40am Friday********

U.S. Senate – Rick Scott leads Bill Nelson by 15,092 15,079 15,068 votes

FL Governor – Ron DeSantis leads Andrew Gillum by 36,223 36,219 36,199 votes

UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect that at approximately 2pm Eastern, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections posted another 11,300 votes (which broke 70-30 in favor of Democrats). This new tranche of ballots triggered a mandatory machine recount in the governor’s race and a hand recount in the U.S. Senate race. 

UPDATE #2: After another update sometime after 5pm, Nelson has gained another 2,000 votes, cutting Scott’s statewide lead to just 15,092 votes. It is unclear where these last 2,000 votes came from.

UPDATE #3: Scott has ordered FDLE to investigate Broward County’s handling of ballots. Attorneys for Rick Scott have filed a lawsuit in the 17th Judicial Circuit against Broward SOE Brenda Snipes. The lawsuit demands access to public records in an effort to know how many ballots have been cast, how many have been counted and how many ballots remain to be counted. Snipes maintains that she does not have this information. 

Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis may be in trouble.  Despite clear margins of victory for both men on election night, Democrat election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties say they aren’t done tallying up votes. Two days after the polls closed on Tuesday night, Democrat candidates Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum benefited from nearly 46,000 Democrat votes that have been “found” in those counties and added to the statewide election outcome, throwing Florida into a partisan uproar over mandatory hand and machine recounts and the possibility that the integrity of the election process has been compromised.

Nelson already has his lawyer promising that Nelson is going to prevail, and a close advisor to Gillum posted on social media that he is aware of at least 20,000 “more” ballots that he alleges have yet to be counted:

But it is unclear how the Gillum camp could possibly know the number of outstanding ballots – if any – especially since Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes claims she has no idea how many ballots remain to be counted:

“Not sure. I’m really not sure. But we are working on those,” Snipes told CBS4 News in Miami.

Republicans have expressed frustration with Snipes, who has a long history of election “snafus.” Just days before the 2016 presidential election, Republican poll watchers discovered that Snipes and her team were illegally opening vote by mail ballots – which traditionally come from Republican voters – behind closed doors and away from the supervision of the canvassing board, whose job it is to oversee and certify the election outcome.

“This looks like intentional incompetence,” said one Republican strategist who declined to be identified. “We see it every election cycle down there. Democrat election supervisors can’t really be this incompetent, so it raises the question of whether or not they are intentionally failing to protect the integrity of the vote counting process. There’s only one reason to do that, and that’s to rig the outcome for Nelson and Gillum.”

On election night, Florida governor Rick Scott led incumbent Senator Bill Nelson by nearly 60,000 votes.  The next day, Scott watched his lead inexplicably shrink. Overnight, enough new Democrat votes had been “discovered” to close the gap by 22,000 ballots. Later that day, Scott watched as Democrats in Broward added another batch of Democrat ballots favoring Nelson. This time around, it was enough to shrink Scott’s lead by another 10,000 votes.

The oddities in Broward continued again on Thursday. When Scott went to bed last night, he held a close but still decisive 30,000 vote lead. When he woke this morning, like clockwork, Broward County again had added a large tranche of Democrat votes. At about 2pm, Broward had discovered another 11,300 votes and when they were counted, they broke roughly 70-30 percent for Democrats. As of tonight (updated at 8pm), Scott leads Bill Nelson by just 22,000 17,344 15,092 15,079 votes, requiring a mandatory hand recount.

Those new votes also reduced Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’s margin of victory to just 38,515 36,223 votes, or 0.47 0.44 percentage points (as of 8pm Thursday) based on the total turnout of 8.2 million votes cast. Anything less than 0.5% triggers an automatic machine recount.

Representatives from both the Scott and DeSantis campaigns say they have attorneys and representatives on site in Broward and Palm Beach, attempting to monitor the situation, but some Republicans are concerned about partisan poll workers gaming the system during a machine recount, where poll workers manually feed ballots into a machine, rather than the actual voters themselves, as happens on election day. Worse, in the case of hand recount, Snipes and her staff may be free to determine the voter’s “intent” rather than simply allowing machines to read the ballots.

“Once we get to that level,” said the Republican strategist, “it’s going to get crazy. With Brenda Snipes running the recount in Broward County, Florida voters should be very, very concerned about the integrity of this process.”,


  1. S.Raditz

    Ballot had Gov R DeSantis ‘hidden’.
    All others in order.”BAD DESIGN”?

      • Anonymous

        So why didn’t you report it

    • Anonymous

      Cry babies. If u loose u loose. Democrats has this.

      • Rk lamont

        Remember that, Hmm, how did Gillam know their was 20,000 uncounted demo votes that hadn’t been counted in yet

        • Kev

          Its called estimating.

          • Anonymous

            In his tweet he literally said he was told that there’s 20,000 more. How is that in any way an estimation?

        • Anonymous

          Democrats cheat n threaten as long as we let them they win

          • kitty

            Republicans cheat all the time. How do you think Trump became president. Bush/Gore????? And remember Florida currently has a Republican Governor.

          • John

            BS. Republicans are the ones who attempt to manipulate votes. Remember the presidential election of 2000? There are votes from that one that are STILL missing!

          • Linda

            Dems cheat? That’s rich, considering Russia put trump in the White House. Plus you have gerrymandering, vote suppression, all on the right. But by all means let’s say Dems cheat. Give us a break.

      • Abcdw

        And if you tight you tight

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Bull shit how in hell did one state not get all votes counted and the rest did?

        • Patricia

          Our state (Arizona) has outdated 30 year old equipment. I knew we had out dated equipment, but when it was reported 30 years… what the f..k?

          Every election its the same old never ending issues like immigration, gun control, abortion, health care, etc…

          Elections should be the number one issue… spending money to make our elections more organized and more efficient, buying the most current computer hardware and software, voting equipment , etc… available.

          • Anonymous

            New equipment does not eliminate the laws in Arizona and California which state that absentee ballots are valid as long as they are postmarked on election day. This automatically delays the vote count several days.

        • Carolynbell

          Actually I remember a time when florida had a recount when Bush and Gore were running. There were no complants from the Republicans than…even though it was clear that there was ish with the election…Hmmm who shifted and threw away ballots?…republicans

          • James Street

            Give us some actual names of the republicans who threw away those ballots please. Surely if you know it happened you would know the names of the perpetrators.

          • John

            Right you are, Carolynbell! I am familiar with two people who worked on the FL election in 2000 who say Republicans disposed of ballots. That is their MO, and it’s what they’re trying to do again now.

          • Anonymous

            Gore was throwing out ballots,

        • Anonymous

          That was a dumb question there are more States still counting.. hello

      • j

        2 bad DEMs didn’t set a good example in ’16- admit they lost aand quit cryin’ – only reason for mueller is DEMs still don’t accept GOP won 2 yrs ago – maybe FL should have special prosecutor investigate broward govt, gillum & nelson

        • Craig R Leslie

          Unfortunately morons do not get it. Florida Republicans also hid votes when Bush v. Gore election was going on. How do you know that Republicans didn’t hide the fucking votes. The problem with you right wing nutso cuckoos is that you always blame Democrats because any other scenario does not fit your uneducated and uninformed opinion.

        • Chris

          The republicans investigated the Clintons for ten years! So stop acting so holier than thou!

      • Anonymous

        Apparently by cheating that’s not a win

      • Anonymous

        Not if you cheat which Dems always do.

        • John

          Republicans are the cheaters. They did it in FL in 2000 and they’re trying to do it again.

          • Ron

            If this is true, which it’s not; then why haven’t we seen recounts in states where the dems win…..

      • DB

        Democrats and Republicans are both despicable lying cheating idiots. Nobody should ever again vote for either party. Together they have destroyed any integrity that our elections ever had.

    • Chris

      Looks like Scott isn’t very good at stealing elections! DeSantis is a loser anyway one looks at him!

      • Anonymous

        What does he LOOK like?

  2. Anonymous

    I fully believe she can be, and is, that incompetent. I also believe she is more than willing to help the cause.

    • Lynn

      Why does this always happen in Florida?

      • Dani

        Because it’s a state of criminals and cheaters. Florida and Chicago possibly most fraud in nation.

        • Anonymous


      • gr8nole

        Floridians: Dumb as dirt. People couldn’t figure out the ballot? That’s why a mandatory IQ test needs to be administered before residents can vote. If people have difficulty deciphering ballots then they have no business voting. Same people who are the impetus behind warning labels on irons that say: Warning: Do not iron with clothes on.

    • John

      And I believe you can be, and are, that incompetent.

  3. Anonymous


    • Flo

      I agree BULL!!!!! Cheating Dems. Sore losers!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        AS IF you wouldn’t be doing the same thing!!!! And if there were hidden votes, just whose side do we think is responsible for that?????

        • Anna Lovissa


        • Rule of Law

          Both—more to right side though!! Darn Republicans!

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Republicans are in power in Florida why didn’t you. Fix the machines. We know why it wouldn’t give u the outcome u want.

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t this what happened with Bush43???..🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Anonymous

        I see the same in you and your words!!

      • Anonymous

        Corrupt Cons caught trying to hide ballots,
        Go Dems!

        • Ncrdbl1

          LOL no Cons as you say in control in Broward.

          This woman has a long history of questionable behavior when it comes to elections.

          Only having a Obama AG kept her ass out of prison. Palm Beach is reconstructing “damaged” ballots but are not allowing GOP representative to be present when they are reconstructed.

        • Mary

          The RW has been breaking every law to cheat their way to “victory”. They even resort to TREASON. There is NO DOUBT that the Rethugs are guilty of CONSPIRACY TO DENY RIGHTS. Not just in FL, but in every state. Each time they gerrymander the map, it’s a violation of this law. Each time they lie about signatures not matching on a ballot, they break this law. We saw Scott play that game in 2016, in an effort to toss over 100,000 democrat votes. While the election was in progress, the judge not only ruled against Scott and the GOP cheaters, the judge also made it quite clear that it was a blatant attempt at rigging the election. Every time that Rethugs hide democrat ballots, every time they destroy those ballots, every time they rig the vioting machines, it’s a violation of this serious law. When the RW thugs threaten democrat voters at the polls, it’s a violation. When the GOP intentional sends ballots with wrong information and wrong dates to the dems, it’s more RW ELECTION FRAUD. The best way to curtail and end the rampant, massive, nationwide, RIGHT WING ELECTION FRAUD, is to start enforcing this law. This law is designed to prevent people from interfering with any right guaranteed by the Constitution. PEnalties got violating this law range from any length of jail sentence with fines and restitution, to the death penalty. If we start arresting the Rethugs and start throwing them in jail for 25 years to life plus millions in fines, it would send a message that we will not tolerate their crimes and corruption. It will deter other Rethugs from rigging elections. And it will deter future Rethugs from rigging elections. We can take this country back AT THE BALLOT BOX, as long as we enforce this law. There is a peaceful solution, it’s called arresting the RW cheaters for rigging elections.

          • Vic Karras

            It’s a Democratic County, how the hell are republicans cheating anyone. Several thousand ballots don’t just reappear in two counties repeatedly in more than two election cycles. Brenda Snipes has broken the law numerous times across staylaws even destroyed ballots against the law in the primaries. The panhandle got hit by a category 4 hurricane two weeks ago and they had all their votes tallied the next morning. Several thousand ballots just don’t suddenly reappear. We weren’t born yesterday. You don’t know what your talking about.

          • Anonymous

            Both sides cheat if you don’t see that I have a box of candy for because your stupid. The left the right don’t give a damn about us only their power

          • Anonymous

            You are absolutely correct!!!

          • Adrian Howley

            Mary, absolutely spot on! 👏

          • LAWL

            Step away from the crack pipe, Mary…

          • Anonymous

            You’re mentally disturbed, and severely lacking in the facts department.

          • Anonymous

            Be carefull what you wish for. The law works both ways in case you were not aware of it.

          • Anonymous

            Are you crazy or what? The Dems are the one’s coming up with the phony ballots. Wow

          • Jake

            You are blind and ignorant. You let your own personal hatred of people with differing opinions and lifestyles that you, make you believe the lies that come out of the democrats mouths, just because they tell you they agree with your hatred. Fact is, they don’t give a crap about you. They only want your vote, so they jump on whatever hot button issue you will respond to, and they don’t care if it’s right or wrong, only that they get the vote. You call us thugs, for what? It is people like YOU that are VIOLENTLY protesting. It is democrats calling for NO PEACE, telling the public to KILL members of government and republicans in general. Ignorant asses like you can’t give any actual real verifiable truths to back up your accusations. The best you can do is try to blame Republicans for things liberals do. You make a fool out of yourselves every time you open your mouths. Talk so big and bad and want to swing clubs at innocent bystanders… you people should feel shame. God forfid you all get your way and have open clashes with police or republicans for that matter. It would just be pathetic. You folks should leave the running of the country to people that care about it.

          • Carol Hough

            Excellent comment

          • Anonymous

            Idiot, the dems are the ones doing all the things you just described in Broward Co. Now be a good democratic sheep and call me a racist. I used to be pretty much in the middle and never voted for a party, just the person. But after all the bullshit after Trump was elected and then the Kavanaugh circus I am firmly with the deplorables. Why? Because I am prejudice…. against idiots and crybabies whatever they look like!!!

          • Anonymous

            Wow, take your head out of your ass! Then open your eyes!

          • Anonymous


          • James Street

            You filthy liberals are so guilty of voter fraud that it’s disgusting. Obama getting 108% of the votes, no blacks registered to vote in precincts but the waiting line was all black, 46,000 liberal voters registered at one address, illegals voting—it’s why you fight so hard against voter ID, a poll worker walks in on 8 people filling out blank ballots in, yep you gussed it, Broward county Florida and she was removed and told not to return. You filthy f’s have claimed there is zero evidence of voter fraud—until you lose an election and then all of a sudden there’s massive voter fraud.You filthy liberals are a completely disgusting life form.

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely!! Go Dems

      • jeffrey cazes

        Cheating repubs

      • Mo

        So we are hiding our own ballots now… get the F$&k outta here. Just be clear, everyone is intimidated at the fact a Black man had a possibility to become governor. Scott just gave his Supervisors of election a 20% raise. No body said anything when this happen back in 2000. Bunch of racist bigots

        • Anonymous

          Mo, you are correct about all of the above.

        • adrian

          give your crack pipe back to buckwheat obama and his husband moochelle obama

          • Wouldn't you like to know!!!

            You are so stupid, what has Mr. Obama got to do with the ballots? Put down your crack pipe please!!!

        • Me

          I’m sorry, did you say something, now Oshkosh, grownups are trying to talk.

        • Anonymous

          Why is it when a Republican wants to vote against a black he’s a racist yet if a republican black was running I would vote for him the Democrats are the racist people

      • Dave Tice

        Oooo. A whopping ten exclamation points. I’m sorry, madam, but you have overdrawn your exclamation point account.
        I’m afraid you’ll have to sit down and STFU.

      • Anonymous

        The only cheating are the ones hiding ballots. If your vote had been confiscated, would you be upset a DEM won? Of course, you would. Don’t be a hypocrite. Every vote counts. Even those that are found days or weeks later.

  4. Steven Mercer

    The Secretary of State and Gov Scott need to step in. Trump needs to send an FBI team to those counties.

    • Anonymous

      I agree this should be monitored because if it is not it will be stolen by corrupt Democrats who are racially motivated.

      • Eileen

        No, stealing is done by the corrupt Republicans. Can’t trust them as far as I could throw them. GA is a PERFECT example of this, abs so is FL circa the Bush era when Gore clearly had more votes, yet somehow Bush won. We leave the cheating, Gerrymandering, voter suppression’s, etc to you all.

        • Anonymous

          You’re an idiot

          • anoymus

            your a idoit

        • Anonymous

          No Dimwit. U mean the DemonRats! 😣

          • K.Striet

            You mean DEMOCRAPS…hate em all…bunch of damned Socialists/Communists

          • Anonymous

            CONserva-tives gonna Lose cause they are all corporate liars and Cons !

        • Louis Witchet

          Either you do not know what you are talking about,or you are just lying.Votes were counted four times in Florida and Bush won four times.However these same counties,run by democrats,were the same ones who kept finding lost votes.

          • Sharon

            All voting districts are run by the Board of Elections. Not The Democrats or the Republicans.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            How can you Hate what you don’t know?

          • Anonymous

            People live where Dems get Votes not like the Cons getting Votes from Cow Pastures, lol

          • Anonymous

            Actually Bush lost when all the votes were counted. The Supreme Court saved his ass- they stopped the count

        • Guss Hale

          Your pathetic

        • David

          You are completely mistaken.

        • JOHN HAMPTON

          No, Eileen, you can’t trust the lying, corrupt, Godless, baby killing, socialistic, communist, Islamic Democrat Party. Conservative, America loving patriots are Republicans. Whereas, socialist, communist, Muslims, illegals, prisoners, Antifa, BLM vote Democrat. Democrats are destroying America. Look at any city or state controlled by Democrats and you’ll see they are hell holes to live in. High taxes, high crime rates, low-income exemplifies Democrat controlled cities like Chicago and states like California. Wake up to the truth and stop supporting the stinking Democrat Party.

          • Patsy

            I’m a Democrat. You don’t know me so how do you know I’m all those things. I’ll make a deal with you, I won’t believe what the radical dems say about you if you won’t believe what the radical repubs say about me.

          • Adewale Unbutu

            Trolling through this feed it is apparent that what the polls say is true.. the majority of white republican voters barely graduated HS.. 😂

          • Anonymous

            You are a treasonist with your red neck Republican lying post.

          • Rule of Law

            I think that all of you need to stop this nonsense. Both parties are to blame for name calling and false accusations. The most criminally active party in last decades has been the Republicans. That is fact. They have also been the party with most illegal voter suppression. Those are Federal printed facts—not by ANY party.

          • Susan Bowers

            First of all I’m a proud Democrat and I m none of that… Read your Bible and we are all the human race I will pray for you

          • Gran Dan

            The hight of Democracy divides us ( our ability to vote) and terrorist attacks like 9/11 unite us. How sad and polarized we are. This is the Divided States if America.

        • BILL

          Another one for U are an idiot. It’s mostly the Democrats that have been doing the cheating recently. Plenty of them even got arrested for your information during the 2016 Election. Cramming Democrat votes when no one was watching but the cameras did watch and catch them. No proof about any Republicans, till then nice try and too bad!

          • Beth

            I believe every blue state that won needs to be checked. I live in Georgia and the Dems have cheated there. Trump needs FBI in every state. I bet the Dems didn’t even win the house. It’s time for the Republicans to get off their butt and do something. Now!

          • Glenda D Miller

            Good to know! Could I have a list of them? It would be good to have when confronting people who don’t agree.

          • PH

            I believe the generalizations, performed in an attempt to characterize members of either party in an unfavorable light, and the ability to blame government leadership for an individual’s insane acts is fast tracking the destruction our country.

            We are individuals. Just because I am a Republican does not mean I am an uneducated male who endorses terrible human behavior. Likewise, I do not think just because someone is a Democrat that they are proSocialism or Communism. We are Americans and there is more that binds us together than tears us apart. It is my sincere hope the country can find a path through this turmoil.

          • Rule of Law

            Bill That is your stated opinion—not based on any facts. Sorry to bust your bubble. Government printed facts has stated otherwise—NOT ANY one of two parties. Republicans rank highest percentage of crimes in fraudulent balloting and voter surpression.

          • Susan Bowers

            Let God deal with it

          • Alex

            Yeah, I am not finding a shred of evidence, even on liberal google, that sort good business of the Republicans cheating or breaking election rules ANYWHERE!

        • Flo

          Cheating Dems. Sore losers!!!!!

        • Chase

          Eileen u dumbass libtard

          • Rule of Law

            Your ignorant rhetoric is not necessary either.

          • Anonymous

            And Chase you are a lying, cheating, Russian loving Republican bot.

        • Anonymous

          Autism speaks

          • Terri

            Cut the “autism speaks” weirdness, unless you’re an autistic person speaking. I am, and I’m tired of ignorant trolls using an often disabling condition as a catch-all insult.

        • Anonymous

          No the Democrats can’t be trusted. They would do anything to get their candidates elected. They are DISGUSTING!!!!

          • Anna

            Lol troll? and the other party’s “leader” is a life long career con who pathologically lies. Lol.
            Pointing gingers and calling the other party names to deflect doesn’t change that. So stop justifying a pathogically lying scrub and stand up to that.

          • Anna

            Lol troll? and the other party’s “leader” is a life long career con who pathologically lies. Lol.
            Pointing fingers and calling the other party names to deflect doesn’t change that. So stop justifying a pathogically lying scrub and stand up to that.

        • Anonymous

          Eileen….your a blooming idiot!

        • Joe

          You couldn’t be more full of crap. Bush absolutely won multiple recounts including those done by the Democrat Press. It was Gore and the Democrats who tried to only recount Democrat counties. You Lie! Gerrymandering in Pennsylvania was just done by the newly crafted PA Supreme Court and all of a sudden Republican voting districts turned blue!! Union tampering! The President of the IBEW’s brother voted to the State Supreme Court! He just happens to be the treasurer of the Democrat party!! Gerrymandering is however done by both sides to be fair. Voter fraud is an institutionsl practice by the democrat party ESPECIALLY IN MINORITY NEIGHBORHOODS!!!That is the reason Democrats in Philadelphia minority neighborhoods won’t allow GOP poll watchers in. They had to get the courts to get in, by then the vote was OVER!! Everyone knows this is what occurs in Phila and you can bet it is happening across the country!

          • Dawn

            She was not referring to PA in regards to gerrymandering. NC is RAMPANT with it.

        • Anonymous

          Hush Eileen before you hurt yourself bless your heart as mis/informed as it is.dems lost get over it and move on. The election isn’t rigged by much this you dems can’t complain about losing your own fixed election.

        • Anonymous

          Bla bla bla….

        • Bugsy

          Eileen, id have to agree with annonymous, “You’re an idiot”… We live in a Republic, not a democracy

          • Rule of Law

            Excuse me. You are both ignorant. We live in a Democratic Republic. Now seek information and read about that process and how it should function. We have a President and fellow Republicans who desire a An Authoritarian led Fascist Government. And a group of Democrats who desire a Democratic led system with socialist tendencies (NOT a Socialist Government based on Communism).

        • Wayne

          You would be wrong. The DemonRats have written the playbook on stealing elections years ago. It’s well-documented throughout history. Broward County elections have long been compromised by the DemonRat party, who have long controlled elections there. Once the sanctity of the election process is gone, but people like you don’t care as long as you get what you want. There’s nothing worse than violating the process of fair elections.

        • Hank Rearden

          You do know th at even the nytimes said Bush won in 2000…right?

        • Jacklyn L Miller

          That’s a lie.Yall are the ones who cheat everytime its voting time..Bunch of hypocrite liberals

          • Rule of Law

            Not true Jacklyn. Every time that a Democrat won the popular vote, the Republican President took the Electoral College. So Republicans took Presidency more than Democrats. This has happened 3 c’s seen WW2.

        • Vic Karras

          You have no idea what your talking about. Broward County is a Democratic County. They are in charge and Brenda snipes has broken the law numerous times. Thousands of votes just don’t reappear. You’re either very naive, blind or stupid.

        • Anonymous

          Dumb ass idiot cheaters always lose

      • Richard

        Racially motivated by whom? Surely you are mistaken on whom is or was racially motivated in this election. But of course you wouldn’t see that..people like you never do.

      • Anonymous

        Lol. #projection

      • Anonymous

        Lol , racially motivated?

      • Michael

        I agree.

    • Leisa Less


    • Kevin McDuffie


    • Anonymous

      Why to find more hidden ballots…..

    • James M Gilbert

      I agree totally we need the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI to immediately seize ALL of the ballots of Broward County and Palm Beach County and arrest the Liberal Democrat Supervisors of elections for those two counties .

    • kathryn

      absolutely! We can’t let this go on!! These ppl are destroying our voting process!

  5. Tony Meyer

    Those people running the elections down there are a total joke. You would think that after the Bush fiasco, they would have cleaned up their act… but they are up to their old tricks trying to steal an election by cooking the books. I hope there is a serious investigation and the guilty parties are prosecuted with prejudice.

    • Anonymous

      I wish they could go back and check the two terms Obama won. I bet some money he didn’t win . cheated his way thru. Please someone check it out and put him in jail.

      • Kate

        i agree!

        • Anonymous

          Nigg nog trying to get a hand breezy. Sorry Micheal Obama. Barack was a gay transexual lover of a man who was a despicable first fagg.

      • MaryAnn

        Why y’all got who you wanted in Office and you are still not satisfied is it because of the color of his skin or because he is educated and the other one is no some of the comments are comical because half of you are on a wing and a prayer one foot in and the other out just shameful and probably didn’t VOTE

  6. carla hudson

    this is voter fraud plain and simple, how come its not happening anywhere else???????

    • Anonymous

      It has how do u think the Democrats won the house!

      • Ada


      • Anonymous

        By voting, how else,it’s a new kind of Dem we just don’t take your word we demand to be heard you will not still another vote from us……

    • John Duffield

      How do you know it isn’t? Like Stalin said, it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.

      • Anonymous

        How true

    • Anonymous

      Absolute looking like voter fraud

    • Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    So THAT’S where Tim Canova’s votes went!


    The Republicans need to “FIND” an equal number of LATE votes.

  9. Sugaree

    There is no reason for anyone to insert the ballot in the machine. None. We live in a town of less than 700, and we manage to insert the ballot.And that is a wonderful red neck town too.We scratch our own rears too. Do they really think people are that stupid?? No, they just wanna cheat.

  10. Allen

    I seen the Democrats at the grave yard with shovels give them time they have more votes

    • Dawn

      You’re a sick puppy Allen.

    • Anonymous

      Democrats are morons over the next 2 years they will hang themselves completely worse than they have done now and 2020 then trump will win again and the republicans will hold the house and the senate these people are despicable and they have no freaking morals or ethics in this country

  11. A. Jackson

    You are obviously not printing comments from Dems. By the way, that stands for democracy.

    • Lisa Roy

      Dems stand for demons

    • Anonymous

      It’s a good thing we’re a republic.

    • Dusty

      Yeah but we’re a republic

    • Tony

      It used to A.Jackson. Now it stands for what ever Nancy Pelosi tells you it stands for. It certainly is not for democracy. It looks to me like it stands for what ever keeps corruption in office.

  12. Rev Randy

    Yes and democracy means tyranny democracy always leads to Communism socialism where the government rules and Reigns everything however Republic stands for the people rulethe country is ran by the people that’s what Republic means a republic is where the people make the decisions in the government enforces them it’s ran by laws that are in place and cast by the people the rule of law rains however this corruption must stop in the election process we must stop this corruption at all cost there’s no way they can be counting votes for days later that they just found that’s a bunch of garbage it’s just like they couldn’t find Hillary’s emails and then they realize that she beat her computer with a hammer and bleach bitted to hard drive these communist have to be stopped at all cost

    • Anonymous

      I call BS

    • Annette G

      A Representative Republic is a form of a Democracy. So, saying that ours is not a democracy, because it is a Republic, is the same as saying “that isn’t a tree because it’s a pine.

      • Dawn

        Way to go Annette.

  13. Mike james

    Its a large county constantly interfered with by the Secretary of State, there are monitors counting and attesting for every ballot, in all counties they are sorting through provisional ballots and mail in ballots. Therefore , I call bull shit on the conspiracy theories. Bush’s recount came back with the same numbers repeatedly. The only issue were the standard for voter error that has since been resolved. The counting just needs to finish.

  14. barry sucktero

    Democrats are the scum of the earth and would lie…cheat or steal to win,,,,,,,rigging elections are what they are good at…..ask Hillary

    • Eileen

      Is that were true, why isn’t Hilary in office? So stupid. Seriously. The only voters caught doing fraudulent voting were all Trump voters. You all lie, cheat and steal. That’s the ONLY WAY your kinoroty party wins.

      • LAWL

        *yawn* 2/10. Keep trying, cupcake.

    • Anonymous

      So is the GOP😂😂😂😂😂

    • Anonymous

      I Agree. Dems are evil beings.

  15. KIM

    I submitted my mail in ballot a month ago a d confirmed it was received in Broward. However, I checked today to see if it was counted and it has NOT been counted…WTF??

    • Eileen Nicely

      Don’t disregard…. make an issue of it…!

    • Anonymous

      So sorry your vote was stolen by the Democrats it’s a sad day in our country’s history

  16. Anonymous

    I’m sure they were dug up at the local cemetery

  17. KKK Rethug

    The Senate Race from Arizona has updated the vote count today….yes I said as of today, Sinema took the lead over McSally as of Today, yes I said today, funny how no one is talking about that race, the democrat as of Today is now winning, yes I said as of Today the vote count was updated ( Today )

    • PatAmerican

      Rethug lies. The latest news as of 8 EDT, has McSally up by 37000 votes. Nice try, but we’re watching and more informed than you demoncrats. You people are the kind that lie to their own mothers.

  18. Anonymous

    Your hatred for the Democrats will not force us to LOVE you less……We follow God’s way do unto others as you would have them do unto you.♥

    • Anonymous

      B.s. Demoncraps are the ones who try to ban God! You are brainwashed beyond belief.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why you vote for abortionist, right?

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a Christian but believe me that’s an oxymoron no Democrat can be a Christian you can’t vote to kill 60 million babies and be a Christian

  19. Larry Brotzman

    If the election official has a history of problematic vote counts and has “found” votes before, WHY IS SHE STILL IN CHARGE. Vote tallying/counting should always include members of both parties, and independents if running, so “mistakes” are no made.

  20. Anonymous

    My father voted Democrat for the first time in 58 years this year. Problem is he died last October.

  21. Anonymous

    Look at the map of voting districts, three quarters red. You tell me how without voter fraud this could even be a close race?

  22. Anonymous

    Who let this chimpanzee female version of al sharpton be incharge of anything to do with voting?

  23. Marcus B

    Im black and Ill be the first to say never trust a jiggaboo with anything, especially power! Look at africa its like the stone age.

  24. Slappy

    These demoncraps need to be run out of our state by force if neccessary. They are pushing for war.

  25. Jorge munes

    We need commonsense law..
    dont have a job and pay taxes – no voting
    On welfare? – no voting
    Under 21? – no voting
    Dont have 2 forms of id plus finger print? – no voting.

    • Anonymous

      Jorge then who would be in the military fighting for your freedom if you could have all think real hard I think not and I bet you get that check every month from somewhere hope you still working at the rope old age of 100

  26. Charles

    They should do a recount and investigate every vote for legitemacy. If any fraud is found? Ban demoncraps from the state, no demoncrap canidates allowed.

    • Anonymous

      Kemp moved the voting machines to the white gated areas so black’s Couldn’t vote, as secretary of the state he should have stepped down from the post, the mail service held up the ballot in Broward county so they wiuldn’t Be counted and like the sorry thing you call a president bash Mrs Snipes for doing her job honestly, Scott and Ron are crooks, trying to hurt blacks you better come up with something differently we’ve survived everything whites tried to do to blacks now it’s turned around and you can’t handle it. Wake up.

  27. BlackRepublicanFL

    billy nelson the asstronaut stole hurricane money from the panhandle.

    communist racist gillum guilty of corruption.

  28. GLORIA

    Why is this being allowed,,how do that many ballots just appear after election day,,someone is not doing their job and should be held accountable,,,this is getting ridiculous, how incompetent can you be..there should never be that many ballots that need to be counted after election day.

    • Anonymous

      Democrats keep a cache of fake ballots to run through after the election hoping they have enough printed up to win what they need to win this is just fake ass corruption at its finest

  29. Jennifer

    These voting polls need to start issuing body cams or cameras with footage from beginning to end. Also, everything must remain in the same room. Police officers should pick up and drop off ballots with body cams initiated.

  30. Amanda

    Funny how the votes are all Democrat and not 1 Republican!

  31. r

    So why is it taking so long to count the ballots? Because there were a ton of provisional ballots cast. This is in large part because so many people were refused a ballot when they went to vote. Voter disenfranchisement is the darling of the corrupt re-Putin-licans.

  32. Daddy-O

    So what happened to the Election Supervisor Tallahassee sent down to oversee Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes after the last shit show ? Do they need to send an Election Supervisor to oversee the Election Supervisor that they sent to oversee the Election Supervisor ? Maybe it would be easier to ask if there is one decent, honest human being involved in the Floriduh election process ? For 18 years the country has been getting it shoved up their ass by this one county, and nobody sees a pattern here ?

  33. Terry

    Look the dumacrats still aren’t over the fact that the Hilldabeast lost and finally America is on the right path so the best they can do is all democrats move to Cuba and good riddance to the scum

  34. Tom

    Intentional incompetence is the way of government. When someone says “good enough for government work” you know that it could have been done better. It leaves a vast amount of space for zero accountability

  35. Tom

    For something to be found means that it was lost. That’s gotta be incompetence at it’s best or worst in the case of ballots. The math and arithmetic of the whole debacle needs to be disproved. There needs to be more clarity into law with once discounted ballots now being counted. Nor should irresponsible persons even be casting ballots. It’s not disenfranchisement. The system certainly can’t work with government appointing persons to help cast ballots.

  36. Tom

    “good enough for government work” said the Democrat to his assistant in designing the weighty Democrat voting county’s ballot. They always overthink every detail.

  37. Judy

    Republicans are the most dishonest people it is and the biggest liers. Just look at their leader. Trump lies everytime he open his mouth. They go along with his lies so that mame them liers too

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