DeSantis spotlights expedited transportation projects

by | Jun 27, 2024

Gov. Ron DeSantis highlighted accelerated transportation projects across Florida, emphasizing improved road infrastructure and reduced congestion, while launching a portal to resist federal mandates tied to transportation funding.

Gov. Ron DeSantis highlighted a series of accelerated transportation infrastructure projects on Thursday, noting the state’s commitment to improving roads and reducing congestion

Standing alongside agency leaders, DeSantis detailed the allocation of $14.5 billion for 946 transportation projects across Florida in the 2024-25 state budget. These projects include the construction and maintenance of over 140 new lane miles and the resurfacing of numerous roadways, with $5 billion dedicated specifically to new highways and $1.8 billion for road resurfacing and pothole repairs.

DeSantis further noted that nearly $400 million will be used to repair 72 bridges and replace 15, contributing to nearly 600 bridge repairs or replacements since 2019.

One of the flagship projects discussed was the Moving Florida Forward initiative, which aims to accelerate infrastructure projects that were initially slated for completion in 10-20 years. Notably, the I-4 corridor will see new auxiliary lanes set to open by next year in the Champions Gate area, ahead of the larger I-4 project scheduled for completion in 2030. Other critical areas, such as the I-75 corridor and the Tampa Bay region, will also benefit from expedited projects.

“When we have success, it does attract more folks,” said DeSantis. “We’re in a situation where we’ve got to make sure that we’re accommodating this, and part of our focus has been on accelerating projects that were probably in the hopper to happen 10 years from now, probably not getting done for 20 plus years — accelerating them, infusing the cash and getting this done ahead of schedule.”

DeSantis also announced the launch of “,” a portal designed to highlight and resist what he referred to as federal overreach in transportation funding. He stated that Florida will not comply with federal mandates requiring DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) or CRT (Critical Race Theory) compliance to receive infrastructure funds.

“We are not using transportation to push an ideological agenda like the Biden administration is doing,” DeSantis asserted. “We want to make sure that transportation and road building is focused on providing our residents with the ability to get to and from in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue praised the program, pointing to the importance of investments for easing congestion and enhancing safety.

“Thanks to the governor’s leadership and the Florida Legislature’s continued investment in infrastructure, we are advancing projects 15 to 20 years sooner than originally planned,” Perdue said. “This is critical for preserving the quality of life for Floridians as we continue to grow at a rapid pace.”


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