Fine lands O’Rourke, announces $1,000 per person fundraiser

by | Jul 15, 2016

House District 53 candidate Randy Fine may have millions in personal wealth at his disposal, but that doesn’t mean he plans to spend it all in once place. According to an event invitation obtained by The Capitolist, not only is Fine hosting a major fundraising event next month in Orlando, but he’s hired top Florida fundraising consultant Meredith O’Rourke to maximize the return on investment.

Landing O’Rourke to help raise money is a major “get” for any candidate, especially for a political newcomer running for a state house seat. O’Rourke’s recent clients include political heavyweights like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Trump Victory fund, Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and current Ag commissioner Adam Putnam, to name a few.

“Randy Fine is sending a message, and it’s not subtle,” said a Tallahassee lobbyist who declined to be identified. “Hiring Meredith [O’Rourke] isn’t cheap because she’ll raise a lot of money. What this tells me is that while Fine may have a lot of his own money to spend, he’s trying to build a political juggernaut above and beyond his ability to self-fund.”

O’Rourke’s name appeared on an event invitation that went out via email. The event is headlined by Fine himself, along with eight – count them – candidates for the Florida House of Representatives. They are: John Couriel (HD114), Alex Miller (HD72), Jayer Williamson (HD3), Byron Donalds (HD80), Frank White (HD2), Bobby Payne (HD19), Wayne Harris (HD4), and Bob Rommel (HD106).

Counting Fine, these nine newcomers will wine and dine guests at a reception and private dinner at Orlando’s Citrus Restaurant on August 11th.

The event announcement bolsters a story published yesterday by The Capitolist  detailing Fine’s plan to criss-cross the state as he seeks support for the 2022 House speakership post.

Here is the invitation:

Fine Dining

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