Florida’s 2024-25 budget allocates $346M for energy-efficiency, lowering electricity bills

by | Jun 12, 2024

The 2024-25 Florida state budget includes $346 million for energy-efficiency improvements to lower electricity bills for residents, support home upgrades, provide appliance rebates, and enhance weatherization programs, drawing praise from clean energy advocates.

The 2024-25 Florida state budget includes $346 million for energy-efficiency improvements, aimed at lowering electricity bills for Florida residents. The allocation’s approval has drawn praise from clean energy advocates.

The funding will support various initiatives such as home energy-efficiency upgrades, appliance rebates, and weatherization programs. The measures are intended to reduce energy consumption and cut monthly utility costs for Florida households.

“This is a transformative investment that will directly help countless Floridians lower their electricity bills,” said Zachary Colletti, executive director for Conservatives for Clean Energy-Florida. “We applaud Gov. DeSantis for putting Florida families first and fighting to reduce energy costs at a time when we need it most.”

The budget includes programs like the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates (HEAR) and Home Efficiency Rebates (HER), which are designed to assist low- and moderate-income households.

“We are delighted that Governor DeSantis has allocated $346 million for Home Energy Rebate programs in Florida, including those targeting low—and moderate-income households. HEAR and HER will lower energy costs for Floridians while increasing comfort and indoor environmental quality. Energy-efficiency improvements are the most effective way to help Floridians lower their utility bills, and these funds will dramatically help thousands of residents burdened by rising utility bills,” said Aimee Skrzekut, President of Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance. “This investment will provide immediate relief to households across the state and create a more resilient energy infrastructure for Florida’s future.”

The investment is also expected to create jobs in the energy-efficiency sector, construction, and related industries, providing an economic boost to the state. Additionally, funding for contractor training grants will improve the skills of electricians and contractors to meet the growing demand for energy-efficiency services.

By reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency, the investment aims to enhance Florida’s energy resilience and mitigate the impact of future energy price fluctuations.


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