Jeff Greene pumps another $2.7 million into his campaign, takes another shot at President Trump

by | Jul 10, 2018

Democrat Jeff Greene said he would contribute as much of his own personal wealth as needed to win the governor’s race. Greene announced overnight he is dropping another $2.7 million into his campaign. The money is paying for a weeklong television and digital ad buy that will feature two ads featuring two of Greene’s favorite topics — education and President Donald Trump.

In the first ad, Greene pledges to raising teacher pay, funding public schools, and ensuring two years of Pre-K for every 3 and 4-year-old in Florida.

The spot starts by focusing on his three young sons.

“There are three big reasons Jeff Greene is running for governor,” the announcer says. “Make that three small ones. Malcolm, Brandon and Cameron. With three small children, education becomes personal. Jeff believes our teachers are underpaid. Our schools underfunded. Our students unprepared.”

The second spot is called “Trump Golf,” and is critical of the president’s visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach County. “The spot focuses on the outsized bill Trump leaves for Florida taxpayers every time he comes down to play golf – the very same thing for which he slammed Obama on the campaign trail,” Greene’s campaign said in a news release.

“Every time Trump comes here to play golf, Florida taxpayers are paying for it,” the announcer says. “Millions wasted on road closures and overtime. Jeff Greene will put a stop to that day one.”

Greene entered the race for the Democratic nomination for governor last month, launching a self-funded campaign. Some media reports have quoted Greene as saying he would  be willing to spend as much as $200 million of his own money on his campaign. The real estate investor is estimated by Forbes to be worth more than $3 billion.

Despite his wealth and the money he has put behind his recent television ads, Greene barely registers with voters. One poll conducted since Greene entered the race shows he received 4 percent.

The Capitolist’s own Horserace Index, which uses a weighted average of the polls taken to date, shows Gwen Graham holding a 3 point lead over Philip Levine, 25 percent to 22 percent, in the Democratic contest. Andrew Gillum is in third place with 19 percent, with Chris King coming in fourth with 9 percent. Greene had not yet been polled as of the most recent Horserace Index.



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