South Florida double drama: Who influenced the DeSantis water bill veto? And, where have you gone, Al Cárdenas?

by | Jun 12, 2022

The curtain lifted – just slightly – on a pair of intriguing political plots last week, both of them unfolding in South Florida.

The first involves another veto surprise by Governor Ron DeSantis, more evidence of him being under the influence of a left-leaning environmental activist group that finds itself embroiled in nasty lawsuit over data that may have been used to sway DeSantis’s veto decision.

The second involves a George Soros-backed radio station takeover using former conservative Al Cárdenas to provide some cover for a naked political attempt by Democrats to shore up their rapidly shrinking Hispanic base.

This week, we unpack both issues.

Allegedly stolen scientific data at the heart of DeSantis veto?

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped another of his surprise vetos, this time on SB 2508, a water bill that represented a series of grand compromises within the legislature to get it over the finish line. Several of those compromises were designed specifically to appeal to DeSantis, who had signaled his displeasure with some aspects of the bill back in February.

Environmental activists, including the Everglades Foundation, have since been actively lobbying the governor’s office to kill the bill.

Once the amendments were made, a strong Republican majority passed it, with opposition coming primarily from Democrat lawmakers – backed by legacy media outlets like the Orlando Sentinel. If ever there was a signal that DeSantis has somehow gotten his wires crossed on an issue, look no further than when the state’s legacy newspapers find themselves agreeing with a governor they hate even more than they hated Rick Scott.

When the bill passed the legislature, the state’s environmental activist lobby kicked things into high gear, with the Everglades Foundation’s lapdog group, Captains for Clean Water, getting caught running a crude out-of-state astroturfing campaign to help try to force DeSantis to swerve left. It worked, and the Everglades Foundation gushed support for our governor:

“There is no better friend of the Everglades than Ron DeSantis,” said Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg.

It remains unclear just what motivates DeSantis to repeatedly side with the most controversial, left-wing environmental activist groups in the state. Notably, the Everglades Foundation is still embroiled in a sketchy lawsuit against one of its former scientists, Tom Van Lent, alleging that he stole scientific data from Everglades Foundation computers. But curiously, the Everglades Foundation has moved to seal the court record to prevent the public from seeing their scientific data – information that may have been used to help sway the opinions of public officials like DeSantis – and thus should be a matter of public record.

Van Lent has accused the Everglades Foundation of putting politics over science, charges that The Capitolist has leveled at the Everglades Foundation for years. Whether or not the Everglades Foundation’s secrecy will be protected by the court remains to be seen, but if DeSantis or any public policy was influenced by the data they allege was taken or destroyed by Van Lent, the public deserves to see it.

A conservative token for George Soros’s liberal radio takeover?

Al Cárdenas used to be one of the GOP’s greatest assets, a larger-than-life Florida political operative, a big-thinking Hispanic conservative with a resume that checks all the right boxes, including service in the administrations of both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He’s held key positions at the Republican National Committee, led the Republican Party of Florida, and even served as chairman of the American Conservative Union.

But that was then, and this is now.

Cardenas is now the front man for a liberal-backed Hispanic media acquisition team targeting Spanish language radio stations around the country.  He and his high profile progressive partners have embarked on a $60 million venture to take over 18 Spanish-language radio stations in 10 media markets – including a conservative radio station in Miami. The others are also concentrated in areas where Democrats are losing ground to Republicans among Latino voters. Make no mistake that this is a highly political effort – if any doubt exists, just look at who else is involved: a pair of former campaign veterans with both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

The group also has direct links to George Soros, as noted by Governor Ron DeSantis during campaign stops last week.

For these Democrats, landing Cárdenas might seem a good way to make the radio station acquisition appear more ideologically balanced. But Cárdenas got off the Republican bus a few years ago. His final act was serving as senior advisor and fundraiser for the 2016 Jeb Bush presidential campaign.

We all know how that ended.

Like many Florida Republicans who have deep respect for Bush, Cárdenas wasn’t happy with the way the eventual nominee treated his preferred candidate, nor was Cárdenas a fan of Donald Trump’s stated immigration policies. But instead of keeping quiet for four years, Cárdenas instead violated the long-standing Reagan code of conduct and attacked a fellow Republican. He later described the move as being a whistleblower on Trump, who in Cárdenas’s view, violated the policy first with his attacks on Jeb.

Whatever the justification, Cárdenas continues to drift further leftward. In 2019, he married CNN talking-head and Republican pariah Ana Navarro, a woman who basks in the media affection she gets for gleefully bashing fellow Republicans.

Why Cardenas has abandoned his commendable legacy and thrown his lot in with left wing operatives is an open question. And it’s one that inevitably leads to other, more difficult questions for the recipients of Cárdenas’s lobbying largesse. Recently, a spate of GOP political candidates have given cash back to Disney when the company got too progressively political.

Might the same case be made for financial contributions bestowed by Cárdenas to win influence with certain Republican campaigns?



  1. dolphincritic

    Article #1 Big Sugar is the culprit behind the stall on Everglades reclamation. Take away their subsidy and they fold.
    Article #2: Cardenas simply got a promotion. Conservatives will migrate to another station or Cardenas will be fired if he can’t stick with the far left’s script. Radio talk gets boring quickly. They repeat the message over and over for those 15-minute drivers. Download a podcast and play it thorough your car radio.

  2. Manolete el Torero

    Cardenas checked out on his conservative principles a long time ago. And as Sigmund Freud says: evaluate human action by looking to sex or money. In Al’s case, it’s both. This new gig with George Soros will keep him in his wife’s good graces and the gig will earn him a handsome fee. For those not aware, Al’s wife and constant companion is the always unhinged Ana Navarro, who turned into a radical Trump critic on The View TV program like Joe Scarborough did on the Morning Joe TV program.

  3. A True Republican

    Perhaps Cardenas is just like many of us who have conservative values but are disgusted by the Trump takeover of the party. The party has now abandoned many of our conservative values in favor of whatever Trump thinks will keep the powerful in power…at least DeSantis seems to have SOME core principles. What ever happened to fiscal conservatism? Trump administration spent like drunken sailors.

  4. Tom

    Gov Ron, America’s Governor vetoed the bad Lake O bill. Big suga no more. Gov stood up to suga and Wilton Simpson. Profile in courage! He has increased Lake O environment clean up revenue.

    Also vetoed terrible Tampa Rays $35 million spring training bill.

    Huge week for the Florida peeps, thanks to America’s Gov! Rising tide for all in Florida, Gov of the peeps.

  5. Ezo

    Desantis is showing his demonstrated ::stooge:: colors for the communist left.

    Q. Why is it that Ron mimicks Trump’s every policy and yet is permitted to do it vs Trump who was litigated by communist left stooges at every turn?
    A. Because Ron is financed by Soros.

    Ron’s career as FL gov only exists because Trump endorsed him.
    Ron is a spineless quivering squeaking little mouse who is walking into a wood chipper by running for president against Trump. I look forward to hearing Ron’s whiny little girl voice as he continues to be pummeled in the polls by Trump’s support numbers by those of us who aren’t RINOs or RINO supporters.

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