The Capitolist Emoji-Meter: Matt Gaetz, Carol Dover, Rebekah Jones and more…

by | May 21, 2020

The Capitolist Emoji-Meter for May 15-21, 2020:



Sometimes words just aren’t enough.

Ron DeSantis

If you missed the governor torching Florida’s media during Vice President Pence’s visit this week, we’ve got you covered. Skip to the 12 minute mark for the real fire.

Congressman Matt Gaetz

As if Democrats didn’t already have enough reason to hate him, now Florida’s most influential congressional delegation member is predicting that Trump will pardon Roger Stone. Gaetz to Haterz: Deal With It…

CBS 12, Florida Today, Tampa Times, et al

A handful of Florida media outlets took the bait on a concocted coronavirus clickbait conspiracy theory, and none of them want to admit it.

Carol Dover

Florida’s top restaurant and lodging advocate scored a big meeting with VP Mike Pence this week, doing everything in her power to get the state’s tourism economy back in high gear.

Rebekah Jones

Jones’ outlandish claims of a COVID coverup by the DeSantis Administration turned out to be fake news. The last thing America needs is less confidence in coronavirus data.

John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan

He’s certainly not an advocate for small business owners. With his misplaced support of a $15/hour minimum wage, the Mightiest of all Morgans is more of an advocate for robots – specifically Flippy the Burger Bot. For the people… just not for the ones who run businesses.



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