Adam Putnam unveils first TV spot of his gubernatorial campaign

by | Apr 23, 2018

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam launched his first ad (see below) of the campaign on Monday.  The one-minute spot features Putnam working on his ranch and at the rally where he announced his candidacy for governor.

For me, it’s always been Florida first,” Putnam says in the video. His family made its wealth in the cattle and citrus industry over the past five generations.

He talks about the values he was raised on — “faith, responsibility, perseverance and hard work.”

“Today, those values are missing. Even looked down on by liberal elites. I’ve spent my life fighting back. And as your Governor, I won’t back down,” he says. “Together, we will put Florida First and make Florida the launch pad for the American Dream.”

The spot began airing this week on broadcast and cable and is expected to be seen across the state with the exception of Miami.

Putnam has been considered the front-runner for the Republican nomination for governor. The only other major candidate in the race at this time is U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, who has been embraced by the conservative members of the GOP and was endorsed by President Donald Trump. There has been talk that Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran would enter the race, but there has been no word yet from him.

Just about all of the recent polls show Putnam in the lead, but the margin of that lead has been decreasing.

The Capitolitst’s Horserace Index, which uses a weighted formula to provide an average of all of the polls taken, show Putnam holding a slim half-point lead — Putnam has 20.4 percent compared with DeSantis at 19.5 percent. Corcoran trails with 4.3 percent.


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  1. Lisa

    “Liberals look down on values such as hard work, perserverance, faith, responsibility???? “

    That is just patently false and extremely insulting! Putnam should be ashamed of himself for saying that, and his supporters should reject him for such an erroneous claim! Shame!

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