Three unanswered questions surrounding Andrew Gillum

by | Mar 16, 2020

On Monday, The Capitolist broke the news that former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was named in a South Florida police report that stated he was “inebriated” and unable to respond to authorities in a hotel room with a gay male escort and three bags of crystal meth.  Here are a few questions that nobody else in the media seems to be asking:

Whose wedding did Gillum attend?

Following the incident, Gillum released a statement claiming he was in Miami for a “wedding celebration.”

While it is possible that Gillum was celebrating a wedding, Travis Dyson, one of the men found in the hotel room with Gillum, told the Miami New Times that he wasn’t there to celebrate a wedding, and told reporters that Gillum never mentioned a wedding to him.

“I personally was not celebrating a wedding,” Dyson said. “I don’t know if [Gillum] was in town for a wedding. He did not mention that.”

Dyson’s story does not corroborate Gillum’s statement, sending out red flags that only opens up Pandora’s Box for the former mayor of Tallahassee.

Whose wedding did he attend? Can he verify this claim with an invitation? Was his wife there? If the party wasn’t part of the wedding, why was he there?

This leads us to the next question…

Why was Gillum in a room with drugs and a gay male escort/porn actor?

In Gillum’s first public statement after the incident, he described Dyson as a “friend,” which Dyson later elaborated on, telling the Miami New Times the pair had known each other for about a year.

“We’ve been friends for a while,” Dyson said. He then went silent on the phone and did not answer subsequent calls from Miami New Times.

But what was the pair, or perhaps the trio – if we include the man who arrived later and called the police – planning to do at the hotel in the first place?

After the news broke, Dyson’s name spread across social media like wildfire, with many pointing to his background as a gay male escort. Dyson, who was being referenced in those reports, appeared to have social media accounts — including his Facebook page — that seemed to verify the reports.

On top of this, the small group was found with three bags of methamphetamine.

Which begs the question: why was Gillum — a married man and rising star of the Democratic Party — partaking in such activities?

Why were no arrests made that night by the Miami Beach Police Department?

According to the police report, officers responding to the scene found Dyson incapacitated, Gillum too inebriated to speak, and they found three bags of what appeared to be crystal methamphetamine in the room with the men.

The police report says Gillum was allowed to leave and return to his residence (another hotel in the area), and Dyson was transported to the hospital. No charges were filed. Why not?

The whole thing stinks of a cover-up as if the police department or perhaps Democrat Mayor Dan Gelber were trying to sweep the entire incident under the rug. There’s lots of supporting evidence, including the fact that Tallahassee Reports published a story noting the involvement of nine police officers at the scene, including three captains – among the highest ranking in the Miami Beach Police Department.


  1. Charles Eldredge

    Clearly this was all about sex and drugs. This report did not state it, but other reports stated that the men were naked, including Gillum. If that’s true, why is it not reported in this article? And 3 bags of meth and no one is arrested? We all know there would have been arrests if it had been any of US. Clearly a cover up for a sleazebag politician. Something we’ve witnessed over and over in recent years. I’m not saying it’s something new, but it’s been in our faces now for a few years. And it’s got to end. Rule of Law ended when Bill Clinton boarded Loretta Lynch’s plane and a few days later Hillary skated. Something serious has got to happen to restore Rule of Law in these United States.

    • Sue

      Well said and yes there are 2 tiers of justice. Without rule of law there is chaos.

  2. Charles

    What did Mayor Gelber have to say about his role in all of this? What public records exist to paint a more vivid picture?

  3. Greg

    Apparently, Gillum is a closet pole vaulter & meth head… anyone really surprised?

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